Every day brings its share of revolutionary tools, but very little on the market. Difficult to navigate. Intelligent Marketing deserves close attention, and it takes the One-to-One out of books to become more than a concept, a reality. A reality that allows businesses to communicate effectively with each of its customers.

What is Intelligent Marketing? Going by the definition as it is given on the encyclopedia Wikipedia, it is “a fundamental evolution of relational marketing, which allows acting in a unique and scientific, client by client.” In the real sense, this means that a company can now address in a very individualized way to each of its contacts. Apparently, this goes beyond mere customization, which has become a habit for marketers, especially with the advent of the web, which consists of affixing the recipient’s name and company to an existing creation.

Intelligent Marketing pushes the logic of personalization to its climax by declining, both in substance and in form, campaigns for each of its recipients, from a few tens to hundreds of thousands!

 Intelligent Marketing and The Science of Data

How is such a degree of personalization possible and what is the basis for building an Intelligent Marketing strategy? The answer lies in the data, mainly transactional type.

At a time when companies crumble under the data (accounting, hotline, commercial, social networks), it appears that transactional data alone is a sufficiently rich and complete information base to build an Intelligent Marketing campaign. After all, if we go back to the sources of relationship marketing, the goal is to maintain a link with a customer. A customer receives from a company, against payment, commercial supplies or services. The relationship is, therefore, first transactional. Everything else comes in addition, but the first information to analyze is the transaction itself.

Also, when talking about analysis, experts in customer relations pointed out that – Gold may be in the data, but the challenge is to extract it. Customer data is only a gold mine for those who know how to decrypt and exploit it.

Intelligent Marketing is based on this logic, it not only aggregates information about the consumption of your customers but identifies the best activation levers. It also provides solutions for this data to truly take effect and come to life in customized campaigns in a unique and scientific, customer-by-customer way.

Achieving an Effective Intelligent Marketing

It is important to develop a system to collect, store, analyze and interpret the marketing information available in the environment in which the company is located. It should enable the design and development of an adapted marketing strategy, but also to plan the efficient conditions of its implementation.

Marketers must step into the “intelligent marketing” era to drive sales up sharply, even in saturated markets. Intelligent marketing combines different complementary approaches that aim to provide practical action and communication levers to develop sales with a traditional marketing approach. To do this, the combination of transactional data, business processes, and advanced technologies is an essential pre-requisite.

– Few companies operationally exploit their transactional databases. However, let us not forget that customer database represents a digital asset with very high added value that can, beyond being analyzed merely, become a real engine of growth very operational. To do this, effective technological skills are necessary to structure often enormous masses of recurrent information. This technology is rarely developed and controlled by agencies in a traditional marketing approach. It is one of the essential components of the intelligent marketing approach which is not only the structuring of information but also to make them exploitable daily.

– Another aspect of intelligent marketing is business expertise. Whether enriched or not by experts, the company’s strategy remains the guiding principle of all commercial and marketing actions. Added to the intelligence of the data, the steps become more original, effective with an objective reading of the impacts. The Intelligent Marketing now allows to decline and lead this strategy of the target by target surgically.

– Finally, new technologies make it possible today to make this new approach visible and operational in the form of a unique media target by target. The smart prospectus is a good illustration of this evolution: offering, by economic reality, unique product or promotional offers for each client, with an incredibly detailed presentation of customer information. Indeed, each document sent is unique (text, proposed offers, visuals, content, graphic charter, messages) and is structured according to the individual specificities of its recipient. 

Using Company Credit Information for an Enhanced Intelligent Marketing

Information is the nerve of war for any business. As such, it deserves special attention. It presents an essential wealth for any marketing or commercial strategy. It is undeniable that being well informed is a source of competitive advantage.

The marketing information system then takes on all its legitimacy. It is part of a global watch strategy. Also, it is an integral part of the information system of the company. It concerns the entire organization because any collaborator can be a potential collector of strategic or competitive information.

Some companies offer the service of checking out a company, mainly as this service is free. It is vital to regularly check your customers, supplier and any potential customer or suppliers, that way you can gain useful insights into their business.

Reasons to check into a Company

Service is free – Main reason why you should opt in for it.

Have detailed information about the year of existence of the company – newly set up or for a long time?

Have an idea of the turnover.

How much money do they have in the bank?

Are their liabilities greater than Assets – a sign of possible insolvency

Information about the ownership – Owned by a foreigner or Indigene

Therefore, by opting for these new schemes, companies will be able to raise awareness and retain their customers more efficiently and significantly increase their commercial performance.