Are you looking for products that are selling well on marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay? Here’s a review of a tool that will help you find lucrative and winning products. With this tool, you’ll be sure of good sales conversion and higher ROI. So, keep reading.

What’s Intelligynce?

Intelligynce is a product-researching tool that helps you search more than 2.5M products across over 500,000 Shopify stores. It also lets you search for commodities selling on eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

This tool helps you to quickly and effectively research and find different niche items to sell on your online store. Intelligynce makes the process of product research easier. It makes it efficient for you to discover hot and in-demand commodities for your store.

What are its Key Features?

Product search is the Intelligynce’s primary function. As mentioned, with this cloud-based tool, you can search through over 500K Shopify stores and help in finding niche products. It helps you discover more than 2.5 million commodities. Moreover, it offers various analytics on the merchandise and the store from which it’s sold.

Shopify Products

This feature allows you to enter a keyword for any item. Then the software will search all Shopify stores that are selling products related to the keyword.

Shopify Stores

This feature is almost the same as the product search feature. The only difference is that with Shopify stores, you find stores instead of specific products. It helps you find winning products for your e-commerce business.

Other Features include:

Google Chrome Extension: The feature allows easy search of Shopify stores that you’re browsing on Chrome

Store inspector: The Store Inspector helps you get access to any kind of information for each store you find.

Ali Inspector: This is a cloud-based tool for AliExpress. It helps in analyzing the bestsellers for different keywords.

What’s its Price?

Intelligynce features several pricing options, that it, one-off and monthly and annual payments. Regardless of how you decide to pay, you’re guaranteed to get all the features.

One-off Payment

If you want to enjoy the best value for your money, a one-time payment should be your go-to option. The option gives you lifetime access to all the features of Intelligynce for $149 only.  You may find this initial outlay quite high at first. However, it’s not given that you’ll use the software without ever paying again. Thinking about the work this software will do, this payment is very friendly.

Monthly Plan

This plan offers excellent value, too. The option lets you enjoy access to not only Intelligynce but also Ali Inspector software for $29. Unfortunately, you’ll be paying every month. But it’s still a good deal for online business owners doing product research and has little to spend.

Annual Option

The annual plan asks $99. If you’d like to use this software, but you’re not sure for how long, you should consider this plan. And considering that you have access to every feature of the software, it’s also a good value for money.

Final Thought

Without a doubt, Intelligynce is a worthy investment for most people owning an e-commerce business. This software saves you a lot of time you may otherwise spend while doing product research. Additionally, Intelligynce is very user-friendly software and doesn’t necessarily require you to have any knowledge of research tools. So, why don’t you subscribe to one of the above plans and start enjoying hustle-free product research? At the same time, you’ll also save a lot of hours in which you can invest in more productive activities.