Although the two words Intention and Intent looks similar, there is a difference between these two words. Hence having a clear understanding of this difference can be very beneficial.

Intent one can view if you wish as the goal, or a purpose, without total focused and purposeful intent, you might as well be daydreaming about unicorns, fairy dust or angels.

This might be fun, but it doesn’t amount to much as a business strategy.

Intent binds you to the task and enables your sub-conciseness to effectively interact with your brain. With a little practice your brain will be completely anchored in your intent.

Every business decision is in fact, Intention, the goal being understood and the meaning clear as you perform those tasks, Clarity of intent is essential if you wish to succeed in your applied performance.

Let me ask you a question “What do you want” that’s where the fairy dust comes in… and it is where the tricky part is, intent is all about what we want, but first we need to fully understand what we are really after before you can make anything happen.

In my business, I get businesses all the time that have grown to a point where they have no idea or direction as to answer to what they “Want” or why they want it. 

It’s common for people to say they want more money.

The first question I would ask any potential growth is “Why” my mantra I suppose, always ask them why.

Invariably, the answer, their actual goal, is something completely different.

That’s why understanding and addressing one’s intent is so very important. How can a business expect any degree of productive outcome with inaccurate, conflicting, or undirected intent about what is desired?

To what end is your Intent……

Will you employ the same systems in the same way that contributed to your ending up there in the first place?

The main purpose and must be addressed with intent.

Okay, but what then?

What do you plan to do with that INTENT ……that perspective?

Intent demands not only that you know what you want, but that you fully understand the purpose of your goal, what it means to you, and the shift within you that will allow your intent to be integrated into your Brain.

As I said, you might as well go play with the unicorns

Honestly, sometimes I would like nothing more than to do that….

Nothing will come without focused intent….