Man Who Is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

As we know that Intention Has the Power to Change Your Life and Nutritional supplements are a big staple of the fitness world as they allow fitness aficionados to fulfill their stringent dietary requirements in a manner that’s not possible efficiently from natural food sources. However, gauging the popularity with which the younger, millennial generation has been incorporating fitness into their daily lifestyles, many firms have started selling dietary supplements that don’t always reveal what’s truly inside of them.

This has made a lot of people pursuing fitness goals to become apprehensive of taking these nutritional supplements and understandably so. Because why would a person allow something to infiltrate its body when it doesn’t know for sure what it contains? However, there is a young entrepreneur that has taken up the challenge to revolutionize industry norms by offering his products with hiding or lying about anything.

Nick Bare is a 29 year old fitness enthusiast, an army veteran and now an, entrepreneur who recognized this issue and took up the mantle to infiltrate the already saturated industry with his own product line.

His firm “Bare Performance Nutrition” or BNP has now become a name in the industry that’s synonymous with integrity and has gone from strength to strength in its 7 years of operations on the way to become one of the top dietary supplement brands in the market. 

But this journey wasn’t easy for Nick, however fused with the determination to not take things lying down; he began tearing down the walls that were meant to stop him from achieving what he stepped out to do.

The first and probably the biggest challenge that came in his way was to match the price point of the existing products in the market without underdoing or misrepresenting any ingredients. And as any person who has been involved with the fitness industry would tell you, this is not a small ask for an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a big name brand towing his vision. 

However, Nick Bare devoted all of his time into research, eventually managing to match the prices of the existing products in the market without ever opting for dubious practices. 

The only guiding force that allowed him to achieve this was his vision to motivate as many people to adopt a healthier lifestyle as possible and he saw his product line as a means to realize this end and was he successful in it or what? 

Nick Bare now plans to grow his repertoire and offer even much better products under a bigger, more diversified line. Not just that, his firm BPN has also started producing apparels for the fitness industry or active wear as we all call it usually. And judging by his success till now, it can be assuredly believed that this brand is going to make it big on the global stage under this man’s brilliant guidance and exemplary vision. 

However seeing this man today, many few would guess that Nick Bare was a child who struggled with body and did not always had this awe inspiring physique that he has today.  But Nick Bare has always been a person who is determined to set things right for himself through sheer hard work, passion, determination and a love for following the process. 

Nick knew that if he wanted to change the norms of the nutritional supplements industry, he would have to understand the dynamics that govern it in the most basic manner possible. For this, he enrolled himself in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition in 2013, allowing himself to become a credible authority on the issue he was just beginning to tackle. 

But even when possessing all the credentials and success that has come his way till now, Nick Bare had a passion to devote his expertise for the assistance of others. He started his own YouTube channel for this, where he regularly gives advice to people on different aspects of fitness and nutrition. Through this, Nick Bare has managed to gather a sizeable and extremely loyal audience for him. 

By learning from Nick’s incredible life journey till now, many entrepreneurs can learn from him and build a similarly successful career path for themselves as well by just understanding that the path to achieving your goals becomes a whole lot easier if you have a larger than life vision to help others through your endeavors.