Intentional Conscious Life Design is a powerful life mastery tool of co-creation that is infused with the aliveness and purpose of your Life Force energy. It’s a written description that articulates the vision of what you want to experience in your life. It can be a short couple of sentences or it can be paragraphs long. It can paint the picture of a specific category in life (health, family, career, Spirituality) or it can be as specific as designing the relationship you want to improve with a co-worker or the way of being you want to portray to the world.

“The purpose of Intentional Conscious Life Design is to shift out of the thinking that you alone, have to “do everything” to experience the life you desire.”

Donna Bond

As you watch your Intentional Conscious Life Design actually manifest into physical reality you experience a natural inner shift of Trust. You recognize that as an individualized expression of the Divine, you embody an inherent power within. Once you begin giving your attention to this inherent power within, you have more access to use it in designing the life you want to experience.

The benefits of taking yourself through this process is

  • It calls your attention to the thoughts you hold and the words you speak
  • Creates great accountability and responsibility for the experience you are having in your life
  • Demonstrates Trust in the Divine infinite intelligence of the universe
  • Acknowledges yourself as a powerful creator in your own life
  • Cultivates genuine willingness to Let Go and Let God
  • Allows you to relax, step-back and let life to take its own course, discovering you can arrive at your destination with a greater degree of ease and grace.

Intentional Conscious Life Design is a process of creating your life with magnificence. The process requires your positive, energy infused with your imagination to envision WHAT you want to experience and WHY you want to experience it. You can leave the HOW up to the infinite intelligence to work out all the details. What do you want to do, be, give, have or experience? And, most importantly, WHY do you want that?

Allow yourself to PLAY the space of the imaginative realm.

The Process:

  1. Find a quiet, uninterrupted space where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Bring yourself full present by placing your attention on your heart.
  3. Connect to your Source, Spirit, Higher Power or the Universe.
  4. Ask the Universe for clarity and assistance. I say, “Spirit, may I please have your assistance with this.”
  5. Acknowledge the sacred process you are about to under-go. You and the universe are collectively infusing the energetic blueprint to design the experience you want to create.
  6. Architect the experience to include outer results (improved relationship with spouse, new job, radiant health) and inner results (joy, compassion, loving, fulfillment). In other words, what is actually taking place in the physical world and how you are experiencing it inside of you.
  7. Be specific while remaining unattached to the outcome.
  8. Begin each statement with the words “I AM”
  9. Ensure each statement is a statement of the present tense as if it’s happening now.
  10. Craft all Intentional Conscious Life Design language in the positive.
    1. For example, rather than “I am loosing weight” frame it as “I am at my ideal weight”
  11. Include Full Spectrum Sensibility in your design. Describe in great detail, how does it feel, sound, look, taste, smell? Include all levels of your consciousness mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.
  12. Infuse each statement with gratitude as if it’s already occurred.
  13. Review your Intentional Conscious Life Design on a regular basis. Cherish it as you would a sacred text. Use it as a tool by speaking it out loud on a daily basis to focus your energy, thoughts and attention in the direction of this experience.
  14. Remind the universe you are serious about your request. Ask yourself, what can I do from here? What is one step I can make from this space and place?
  15. Daily, take one small step in the direction of your Intentional Conscious Life Design

When you can bring the greatest amount of clarity to the intentions you want to experience, it’s incredible how the organizing principles in the universe go to work on your behalf. This allows the “how” to unfold effortlessly.

Once you take one step, only then can the next step become illuminated.

This process assists you in holding your attention, energy, focus and intention on your desired outcome. By creating the time and space to invest your time in the creation of a Intentional Conscious Life Design you demonstrate to the universe that you are serious about your request, while trusting and allowing inner wisdom and guidance to figure out HOW to get there for your highest good.

If you would like support or assistance in the creation of your Intentional Conscious Life Design, email me directly. I will even share a special worksheet you can use to assist you in this process.


  • Donna Bond, M.A.

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