The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear someone talk about season changes is to assume they are talking about the cold of winter, the beauty of spring, the intense heat of summer, or the crisp newness of autumn. Even though I am correct most of the time, there is another change of season that I hadn’t considered, that of the changing seasons in life.

Regardless of whether the changing season is in life or that of the time of the year, it is imperative that when the season comes and changes are occurring, we are intentional about how we engage those changes.

Here we are in May, just a little over a month out from the first day of summer. For some, this change is as seamless as a Monday into a Tuesday, for others it is the difference between the heater and an air conditioner, snowshoes, or flip flops.

On the other hand, there are couples preparing for their first child to be born, a new job just taken (or lost), kids entering school, graduating college, or any number of events that shift the season inside of life.

Regardless, time to be intentional. Time does not stop if we are not ready. December brings cold weather and in many places snow, whether we have what we need to be comfortable. What is crucial is that we learn how to become intentional.

Here are four (4) ways to show intentionality:

Intentionality is being deliberate. Balancing what is needed to be done with the distractions that come throughout the day will help keep focus. We must think, say, and take deliberate action. This is a top priority in learning how to follow through.

We can all buckle down and focus, clearing away distractions when we are under the pressure of a deadline. The key to being deliberate is to carry that power and focus when we are not under pressure. Sure, it is ok (and needed) to slow down, takes breaks, and such. This is not about those as much as it is remaining in consistent understanding of being deliberate.

Intentionality is being purposeful. Achieving goals, finishing important projects, prioritizing needs come with being purposeful with our time. Learning your boundaries, setting your boundaries, creating self-care practices, and understanding your energy levels will help purpose fall into place.

Purpose supports priorities. When our priorities are aligned with purpose, we become unstoppable. Priorities, in turn provide structure. Structure gives us the framework to operate with. 

Intentionality is being aware. Awareness, when peeled back to its core is all about value. What we value, we place importance on. What we value, we are in awareness of… constantly. No one will have to tell us to be aware, it will naturally happen.

Awareness is a huge part of presence. When we are present inside of our day, we tend to engage more. This helps us define, create, and cultivate those important relationships we have. Awareness when built up from its core establishes trust, which then fashions appreciation, gratefulness, and abundance.

Intentionality is being clear. Results do not happen when we are not clear about what we want. Therefore, we start with clarity. Clarity of vision, or mission, or purpose. Once clear about where we want to go or what we want to do, we can align it with measurable goals to achieve the results we desire.

Clarity breeds confidence. Having confidence that we will achieve results is half the battle. If we do not believe we have what it takes, we will never have what it takes.

The Change of Season

No matter what season comes, having intentionality positions us to navigate the storm, the heat, the cold, as well the peaceful, the pleasant, or the unknown.