If this piece was the Best Opening Song in a Movie, it would be an upbeat Harry Styles one, spreading joy and good vibes to all people.

In my wondering and wandering around Planet Gaia, my head has become a bubble of imagination, movies, songs and interactions with people from many different cultures, Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. I am still stiff when it comes to sticking to timing and schedules – I still get a little angry if time is not respected – but I think I learned to let go of so many things, getting simpler and appreciating the beauty of speaking to so many people, learning about their cultures, background, life stories, joking around and not taking things too seriously, and definitely being grateful every day that I have a family that loves me, close friends that love me more and support me in my crazy decisions, and in good health to help those who did not get the chance to be as lucky as I am.

I found myself being an advocate of women empowerment in taking decisions for themselves – independently and personally- without the influence or the permission of someone else. This is my communications role -to write/speak about bodily autonomy, freedom to choose the preferred partner, being informed about family planning and sexual and reproductive health care. I realized that I also talk to my friends about these topics – off work -. We then connect on different levels, and it all becomes relatable to movies and songs.

As human beings, my eyes opened and I see that we all wish to be respected, listened, loved and we should all have these rights. We should also all have a fan of good options and alternatives to choose from when it comes to leading a thriving life that allows us to fulfill our Dreams. To quote Lady Gaga – another great artist and human being – we are born this way, so inside of us we already know what we want and dream. Everyday it just becomes clearer. And NO ONE should be on our way and hamper us from realizing our inner desires. The mantra should go like this: I am me, I am here, I wish this, I will work hard to realize my inner dream. You are you, I love you, respect you as a human being, I want to best for you, so, I am no one to tell you what to do or what not to do. I do not have control over your life. You are the master of your life. I just happen to be here, to love you, care about you, therefore I will support you in your life decisions.

This can work. I have seen, witnessed it on friends and had a direct experience on myself. At some point in life the people that love you show you that they are there, in a consistent and constant way, without pressuring, without pushing, but showing you that they care so incredibly much. I have never felt this way and yet, these kick off months of 2021 were constellated by some health hiccups, humanitarian worries and future prospects. My head was spinning around – like Kylie Minogue – but, as Pure Magic, so many wondrous and fabulous human beings lifted me up. They had been there all the way – friends for all these years- and, in the moment of support, they showed so much care – virtual or offline presence – it is no more of importance – stronger than myself, to sing Lay it all on me. I understood that Love goes beyond borders and anything wonderful can happen, always.

Cox’s Bazar, a small city of fishermen & boats in the South-east coast of Bangladesh

Thank you Bangladesh for teaching me the sweet & harsh way of living, we help one another in this world as a Human Family, and we should always pray for the best to come, for each one of us. May this Holy Month of Ramadan 2021 bring Peace, renewed Dreams and Immense Love to each person. Shubho Nobo Borsho – Happy Bengali New Year today 14th April 2021 – year of 1428 to all friends and families!