I remember one of the conferences I was attending in San Diego a couple of years ago, the days were long and the breaks were short. I was in room full of 1000 strength and conditioning coaches and the energy was high. I gained a deep respect for this group of men and women who were building their businesses and striving to be unique or the best in their field. Some of the coaches were making $30,000 to $100,000 a month with their gyms.

I needed to eat dinner before the next session which was to begin at 6:30 PM. If I go long periods without eating, I can become grumpy as my concussion brain does not like being depleted.

The lobby and the restaurant were packed, but there was a seat left at the bar. I sat down and ordered my meal. I looked up to see a man staring at me, but not in the stalker or predator type of stare, so I smiled at him. He walked over and asked if he could sit down and buy me a glass of wine. He said, “there is something special about you, your energy shines.” He also shared he was compelled to come talk to me.

To some this may sound a bit strange, but this is not new to me. He was drawn to me, intuitively he knew I could help him in some way. I held a key for him.

I accepted the offer of the wine. He asked what I did, I replied, “I work for God”. He laughed and said he thought so. I asked what he did, he was a successful businessman from Minneapolis doing a mini self-care retreat. 

He continued to share that he had only a week to live. He explained that he had cancer, he was surviving cancer and had been beating it for several years with nutrition, medication, and holistic approaches. He outlived the prognosis of the medical community who were adamite he would live only 6-months.

Now they were saying that he had less than a week to live, he had plenty of time to get his affairs in order. The doctor told him to have fun and do something he would never do. So, he flew across the country to California for the weekend.

He shared with me that his son was a triathlon athlete with spenders apparently, he did extremely well, and he was very proud.

This man looked tired but not sick. He was vibrant in his mind and his soul.

He wanted to know why he did not heal and why the cancer came back; and wanted me to tell him.

When I listened to this stranger, I shared that sometimes we are given a gift of extra time to help us heal old wounds or relationships. I said he had some unfinished business with his parents that was nagging at this heart and this was the time to revisit that and let the healing begin. He was astonished as to how I knew, but confirmed I was correct.

He said something to me that surprised me. He told me I had helped him, and asked how he could help me in return. I said, “I don’t know.” No one had ever offered to help me in return for life changing information. He told me I needed to be open to that in the future. That was my lesson. Saving or changing people’s lives was valuable.

Thought energy can create wellness and illness. When an event or experience makes such an imprint on the soul, it affects our vibration. This event depleted this man until the cancer developed. Time can heal everything, but it takes time and there is timing for everything.

He went home and reached out to his parents. I spoke to him on the phone a year later. It made my night to have met this man.

Sharing with strangers can lead to soul filling life lessons.