The most important part of any business’s marketing strategy should be digital marketing. As the trend of online and mobile shopping continue to expand with no signs of slowing down, businesses need to adapt and be present where these customers are.

There is a high demand for digital marketers as businesses increase their presence online.

In many ways, digital marketing compares to traditional marketing where one has to be engaging with customers and properly communicate the product or service.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is a constantly changing and evolving arena. Staying on top of customer trends and behaviors can be difficult as they are constantly moving.

In today’s world, digital marketers need to be sharper than ever and look at multiple data points to determine how they convey their company’s story to their customers.

Social Media Language

Having a conversation on social media is much different than having that same conversation in person. How you communicate is the difference between being effective and not accurately conveying your message.

For example, the utilization of hashtags and emojis is critical to the language of social media. Both emojis and hashtags replace words, expressions and can even represent topics as a whole.

Improper use of hashtags and emojis can even enact a negative response and can leave brands exposed to risks of turning away customers or even offending potential users.

They are the new age abbreviations and it is key that anyone in social media marketing understands their meanings and their uses.

Evolving Privacy Standards

In today’s world, privacy has become a topic of frequent discussion and is of high importance to internet users.

Privacy has been revolutionized by social media and the digital world has created a new set of rules and an entirely different set of practices to help maintain user’s privacy.

As regulators attempt to keep up with this evolving online environment, internet users are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting their personal information.

Privacy and the protection of personal information is not just important for social media companies, but also for public officials such as Librarians, who oversee the access of information and have long been a source of providing knowledge to the public.

The American Library Association (ALA) and the International Federation of Library Associations and institutions (IFLA) provide resources to librarians in order to maintain high ethical standards in regards to accessing information and handling social challenges such as censorship, copyright and user rights.

Voice Search

We are all familiar with voice recognition embedded in today’s TVs, smartphones, watches and other devices.

The ability to speak into a device and access information was the thought of science fiction just a decade ago, however, is now a daily part of our lives and has changed how we access the information at our fingertips.

Voice search is a growing trend with users relying only on voice commands and personal digital assistants to access information. Yet the technology is still relatively young.

But as SEO Expert Brain Dean mentions in a recent expert round-up on future digital marketing trends, voice search is “going to get better: comScore estimates that 50% of ALL searches will be voice searches within the next 2 years.”

As voice search becomes more widely adopted, it will become a larger percentage of overall search queries.

As the search landscape changes, so to do the strategies of digital marketers. As more customers are searching for products using voice command, digital marketers need to adjust to optimize their campaigns to reach this audience.

Standard text-based searches may not accurately translate to voice-based searches and will likely need to be optimized for this new search medium.


It is increasingly difficult to compete in the online space as more companies look towards the internet to find and engage with new customers.

It is critical that digital marketers make use of advertising psychology to determine the optimal way to reach their audience. Digital markets should look to enact an emotional response to their marketing campaigns that resonates with their audience.

We are all aware that we are surrounded by ads from every medium on our TV, phone, computer and other devices. Advertisers know that they need to stay ahead of their competition in order to stand out above the crowd.

Successful advertising firms increasingly rely on understanding the psychology of their customers to serve them the most relevant content that they will respond well to and engage with.