Today we are going to discuss the best city in France, which is called Nice. We will tell you why it would be the best option for you if you have The Nice walking tour.

To be honest, there are a lot of things that can excite you and you can enjoy a lot of landscapes too. But besides that, The Nice walking tour holds pretty significant places too. Such as historical places that will surely interest if you love exploring history. So, let us discuss the things that would make The Nice very special.


If you are visiting any country then probably the best thing which will excite you would be shopping from their shopping malls and visiting various shops. So if you are visiting Nice France then also shopping is something that you will do here.

The reason is the splendid Malls and places where you can roam around, and this is pretty much possible if you are having The Nice walking tour, that is why we prefer you visit and explore the city on your feet and that is one of the best things that you will experience in The Nice city.


If you love buying stuff from vendors, then this would be good news for you as you can find many vendors in Nice. A lot of people, especially tourists, love vendors as they not only have cheaper rates but also you can find many local things that you might not find in big malls.

There are different markets that have a lot of vendors, and they even have the best of selling things. They first present you their items as samples, and that surely lures you into buying the full product. And this is cute, also a very good marketing technique.

So, if you want to purchase different things, you should visit the market, and if you are planning on buying a lot of things, then you should visit on Monday, as on Monday you can the marketplace converts into a flea market. And at that time you can purchase many things at very considerable and cheap prices during the Nice walking tour.

Beautiful landscapes:

If you walk by the street of Nice or if you walk by the coastal line, then you would find it stunning. You would definitely love the place for its beauty. And the most beautiful thing is the view of sunset and sunrise. This is another reason why you should not miss it. And if you are staying in some apartment, make sure you have the overlooking window. And in most cases, you will have it so that you do not miss the opportunity to see the sunrise and sunset.

Historical places:

If you are a person in love with history, then you would love the museum and historical places that Nice has to offer. It has old churches, old buildings, old castle, museums that not only depict historical events, but many of them are the piece of art themselves. So, you should totally give it a go and try exploring it on your feet, which you can while having a Nice walking tour.


If you want to enjoy nature then there are a lot of parks for you, you can spend time there, and you can sit there and stare at the beautiful decoration of parks. There are many business parks, and they are the center of attraction for many people, such as Saint Isidore, Iā€™Arenas, Northern Forum, and many more. You can read more at nice fun tours.

So pretty much you can find everything you are looking for in The Nice walking tour, and you can double your fun and enjoyment if you map it out first, note down the places you want to visit, and then start this tour on feet.