I was thrilled beyond comprehension, my hairs raised out of sheer excitement when the science of Vedas started unraveling…

Vedas – ancient texts from India, written a very long ago are still being decoded! They cover the entire range of human sciences, culture and arts.. including universal tips for good health and well-being!

Some interesting practices:

1. Morning sun rays are best for health, typically the first 1.5 hours (called Brahma muhurtha, one Muhurtha is 45 mins). Taking a dip in water, facing the sun, helps our body to absorb maximum cosmic energy and kill bacteria! Also improves Vitamin D production. Science today has proven that best source for this Vitamin is our Sun!

2.  “Pranayama” – Right breathing helps improve our physical and mental health. Sit comfortably and erect, close the left nostril and breathe in through right nostril for about 8 seconds. Hold both nostrils to lock air inside the lungs for 6 seconds, then again leave the air out through only left nostril for about 8 seconds. Repeat this process for 15-20 mins. See the difference! Our mind becomes calmer since brain get maximum oxygen, the “residual” air from lungs is forced out and hence cleansing happens! The slower we breathe, the better our concentration is.. do you recall how we breathe heavily during Stress and fear??

3. The area in center of our forehead, between the eyes is very important. Its the seat of “Agnachakra” and dissipates a lot of energy. Have you realized that whenever you get a headache, you rub the forehead?? To reduce headaches or energy loss, Indians would smear this area with coolants like sandalwood paste or vermilion. The sides of this area are called “Temples” , no wonder!! 

I could go on but hopefully we have some simple tips to start with ..I continue to be a student of such knowledge and happy to share.. Happy reading!! 

“SarveJana Sukhinobhavantu” (Let all people around the world live happily and in good health)