International day of people with disability

“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.” – Robert M. Hensel, Guinness World Record Holder

According to WHO, almost 1 billion people in the world are living with some or the other form of disability. This constitutes 15% of the global population. As defined by WHO, disability is the interaction between a person’s health condition ( such as- cerebral palsy, down syndrome) with the environmental factors ( such as- negative attitude of people, limited access to transport). In a world which is constantly striving for ‘inclusivity’, the social support structures for people with disabilities remains deplorable. 

World Disability Day is celebrated on December 3 every year to spread awareness about disability issues and gather support to advocate for a healthy, safe and inclusive environment for them.

Goodera has curated a comprehensive list of nonprofits in a series, working for the people with disabilities in different parts of the world.

Blind Aid is providing emotional and practical assistance to the people with visual impairment and blindness in London

The nonprofit started in 1834 with the name of ‘The Indigent Blind Visiting Society’ with the aim to help poor people in their homes. It also provided them with the assistance to learn some skills like craft work which would make them employable. Even during World War II, the charity worked relentlessly to help the wounded. 

The nonprofit evolved to become “Blind Aid”, guided by the same principles with the added objective of reaching more people in need of help.

Ways to help-

Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd. is empowering people with disabilities in Singapore through training and employment

Bizlink Centre has been serving the people with disabilities since its inception in 1986. The nonprofit is focused on equipping these people with practical skills and knowledge so that they can get a job and improve their quality of life.

To achieve its mission of providing people with disabilities independence, inclusivity and dignity, the nonprofit runs various programs like Sheltered Workshop Programme, Work Therapy Programme, Day Activity Centre (DAC) and Vocational Assessment Service.

Ways to help-

  • Volunteer because the most valuable contribution is time
  • Donate and help the nonprofit keep going and growing
  • You can participate in their events
  •  Buy gifts from their E-shop to show support
  • Visit the Bizlink F&B page to visit their cafe or order food online 

Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya (DESK) is advocating for equal opportunities for all deaf people across Kenya

Established in 2013 with the aim to fight prejudices and discriminatory behavior towards deaf people, the Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya was first of its kind to focus on the needs of these people and improve their living conditions.

DESK is dedicated to provide education, skill building, employment opportunities, access to economic resources and basic human rights like health, sexual and reproductive. The economic, social and political upliftment of hard of hearing people and deaf people will ensure a better standard of living to them.

Ways to help-

  • Donate because every donation makes a difference
  • Volunteer with the nonprofit and help the beneficiaries

Autism Association of Singapore is working to provide a dignified life to people with autism in Singapore

Founded in 1992 by a group of parents, Autism Association of Singapore aims to identify and promote the treatment, education and welfare of people with autism or autistic-like features. 

AAS encourages people to support persons on the autism spectrum and their families. The nonprofit runs various programmes like- Eden Children’s Centre, Eden School, Eden Centre for Adults and Eden Activity Club, to engage people on the autism spectrum and promote inclusivity.

Ways to help-

  • Donate and help the beneficiaries with your generous contribution
  • Volunteer and work for the welfare of the beneficiaries

Eye Heroes is working to fight avoidable blindness in the UK

Eye Heroes was founded in 2016 as a child-led campaign to spread awareness about eye health. The nonprofit aims to fight avoidable blindness by training children aged 8-12 through interactive workshops.

The aim is to spread awareness about eye health and the need for eye checkups and the workshops are free of cost. Till date, 8,913 children have been trained successfully in eye health and have informed around 76,652 other people about the same.

Ways to help-

Echo Community is providing care to independently living old people who require assistance in Australia

Echo Community Services was established in 1982 with the aim of helping old people living independently in their homes. The services provided back then were gardening and limited house maintenance services. 

Today, the nonprofit has grown by leaps and bounds and offers a range of services for the elderly like Day Centre, Transport, Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, Home and Garden Maintenance and Social Support. 

Ways to help-

Kuching Autistic Association is helping people with autism live a independent and economically productive lives in Malaysia

Kuching Autistic Association was founded in 1998 to equip children and young adults with life skills and education to help them lead a meaningful, economically independent and enriched life. 

It works to identify, treat and educate people with autism because the nonprofit strongly believes that early intervention can do wonders. It works on developing communication, social and living skills for preschool children and young adults to integrate them into the school system and find employment opportunities. 

Ways to help-

  • Donate and help the beneficiaries
  • Become a Partner and help run various programmes and in fundraising
  • Volunteer with the nonprofit

For Life Thailand is addressing the needs of children with special needs in Thailand

With a vision to support children with disabilities and help them in getting raised at their homes among their families, For Life Thailand is a UK registered charity firm.

In partnership with Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD), the nonprofit has been working for over 30 years to provide care, opportunities and respect through day-care and special residential care for disabled children who are unable to live with their families and family-based rehabilitation in communities to empower parents/guardians to raise disabled children at home.

Ways to help-

  • Make a Christmas Donation and help a family in need
  • Head over to their Shop and buy gifts designed by child beneficiaries 
  • Donate directly to For Life Thailand 

Jamaica Association for the Deaf is providing care to the deaf and hard of hearing people in Jamaica

Jamaica Association for the Deaf was established in 1938 with the objective of improving the quality of life for the deaf and hard of hearing people. 

The nonprofit provides special education and vocational training for the deaf people. The association also runs a Hearing Clinic, Social Services that includes transitional services, training unit that facilitates Jamaican Sign Language and Deaf culture education and a Fine Hand Bindery which aims to provide skill training and employment opportunities for the Deaf community as well income generation.

Ways to help-

Anouk Foundation is working for young girls with special needs across Europe

Anouk Foundation was established in 2008 to provide care and support to little girls with special needs. 

The volunteer artists take up projects at hospitals, day-care centres, education centres and clinics where they paint “therapeutic” murals to give the place a sense of positivity and lift up the morale of children, doctors, nurses, educators, patients and the residents. The nonprofit has their projects across 16 countries and 90 institutions.

Ways to help-

  • Become a project sponsor where the project is tailored to suit your goals
  • Participate in Art4Impact programme and transform the walls of schools
  • If you are a Company, make Anouk a part of your CSR

Down Syndrome Cork is helping individuals with down syndrome reach their full potential in Ireland

Down Syndrome Cork is the Cork branch of national organisation, Down Syndrome Ireland with 360 member families.

The nonprofit aims to provide resources, support and holistic care to people with down syndrome, encourage active community participation, foster positive attitude and help people with down syndrome live a wholesome and dignified life. Down Syndrome Cork offers various services such as- Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Educational Services among others.

Ways to help-

  • Keep an eye on their calendar to check the upcoming events
  • Volunteer to support the various programmes
  • Help in Fundraising to maximise the number of beneficiaries

Best Buddies Russia is creating healthy connections for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Russia 

Best Buddies was founded in 1989 with the aim of developing one-to-one friendships, employment and leadership development opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 

Running its programs across 50 countries, the nonprofit has grown from one original chapter to reaching approximately 1,900 middle schools, high-schools and colleges.

Ways to help-

Upsala Circus is addressing social and cultural issues through its performances put up by children with disabilities in Russia 

Through its contemporary circus and street art, Upsala Circus focuses on amplifying human creative impact and shedding light on the importance of cultural development as a source of lasting social impact.

Keeping in mind children with disabilities, Upsala Circus runs various social programmes for them which includes- regular training sessions, all-inclusive circus performance, vocational camps and art residences. The charity also helps these children master professional abilities for capacity building and economic development. Young circus artists are also taken on international circus tours to give them exposure.

Ways to help-

  • Join their team and explore your creative side while helping the beneficiaries
  • Contact them to make donations or for any other information

Yom-Yom Inclusive Center is helping special children learn to tackle aggression and develop tolerance in Russia

Yom-Yom Inclusive Center is a children-centric charity with a 3:1 ratio of ordinary children to children with special needs. Every year, almost 200 special needs get the chance to be in a healthy, safe and inclusive environment which promotes peer-to-peer learning. 

The charity, in collaboration with the Help Needed Foundation, the Donors Forum Association and the Dobro service, help families with special children to enable them to lead normal lives, have a Day-stay Centre, Resource Groups and Case Management Service.

Ways to help-

Les Cajoutiers is improving the quality of lives of destitute Senegalese children with down Syndrome

Les Cajoutiers is committed to giving a better life to children with down syndrome from poor, deaf families through school education, balanced nutrition and medical check-up.

In its mission to maximise the number of beneficiaries a better future through quality education, the nonprofit identifies and takes in children from poor families with down syndrome. The charity develops a special curriculum based on the American-Sign Language to train and educate these children. 

Ways to help-

  • Make a donation to help the charity help more children with down syndrome 
  • Become a sponsor and fund a child’s schooling 
  • Contact them to become a member

Turkey Library for the Visually Impaired is improving the literacy rate as Turkey’s first and only library for the visually impaired

Turkey Library for the Visually Impaired was established in 2004 to provide access to written sources for the visually imparied people living in Turkey and those living abroad who speak Turkish. 

TURGOK provides services to almost 6,000 visually impaired people across Turkey, England, the Netherlands, Cyprus, America and Germany. It provides audio books and books in braille, E-KPSS, KPSS and an audio-friendly magazine in English MP3 format to the members and sends these to their homes across different parts of the world free of cost.

Ways to help-

  • Donate for the programme for the programme of your interest
  • Become a volunteer with TURGOK

Best Buddies International is a global organisation working to end social, physical and economic exclusion of people with special needs

Best Buddies International is an all-inclusive charity working towards building healthy connections for people with down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, Williams Syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and other diseases but is not just limited to them.

The nonprofit helps them build friendships, professional connections to secure a job, self-advocacy, improving communication skills and feel valued within themselves and by the society.

Ways to help-

Caudwell Children is shaping the future of children with special needs through holistic care and support in the UK

With a vision to enable children with disabilities to lead a normal life, Caudwell Children provides them with services, equipment, therapy and treatments they need. It encourages these children to live an independent life reaching for their full potential.

The nonprofit strives for a world where all children with disabilities have opportunities, dignity and understanding. Caudwell Children provides them with emotional and practical support through efficient services.

Ways to help-

  • Volunteer with Caudwell Children 
  • Donate to the charity and help in their cause

Hope for Special Children is spreading awareness about the educational needs of children with special needs in Ethiopia 

Hope for Special Children aims to provide a healthy educational environment to children with special needs and create a strong support for special education. 

Through advocacy, training and collaboration, the nonprofit helps children upto the age of 22 in getting access to education. The charity mentors educators, therapists, psychologists and family members to understand the needs of these children and acquire the skills needed in order to maximise the chosen path of the students. 

Ways to help-

  • Donate to the charity and help their cause

This International Day of People with Disabilities, volunteer for nonprofits working for the cause with Goodera 

Most valuable contribution is your time and you have the ability go change the life of a person with special needs through volunteering.

Goodera helps companies engage their goal-oriented employees to come forward and help those in need by their simple act of volunteering. These team/individual efforts go a long way in supporting people with disabilities and building more inclusive communities.

Volunteer for nonprofit organizations like these through Goodera.

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