We need to understand that if we all work on inclusion together, it’s going to be faster, broader, better, and more thorough than anything we can do on our own.” – Ellen Pao

According to studies, only 28% of the workforce in STEM is made up of women. 

The gender gap is significantly higher in some of the highest-paying jobs like computer science and engineering. Women make up only 21% of engineering majors and 19% of computer science majors around the world.

Celebrated on February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It is a day dedicated to bridge the STEM gap. Fighting against gender stereotypes has become an absolute necessity in our male-dominated cultures.

Goodera has curated a comprehensive list of nonprofits working to provide better access, preparation, and opportunities to girls and women in science.

1. Ukrainian Federation of Olympiad Programming is encouraging students to participate in Olympiad competitions

Ukrainian Federation of Olympiad Programming is an organization that conducts and sends students to informatics olympiad competitions conducted within Ukraine and International informatics Olympiad competitions for girls and young children.  

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2. RightsTech Women is committed to advancing the human rights of women and girls in STEM

Rights Tech Women is aiming to empower more women and girls to achieve STEM gender equality by 2030. They are doing so through its cutting-edge solutions and programs. 

It works at the intersection of human rights and STEM education. It upskills women and girls in STEM skills and informs them about human rights. 

It aims to achieve this through mutual capacity building by STEM and human rights collaborators.

Ways to help –

3. HomeWorks Trenton  inspires and equips young women from marginalized communities to achieve their potential

Founded in 2016, HomeWorks Trenton is a non-profit operating a free, after-school residential program for marginalized high school girls. It provides academic and social-emotional enrichment activities to supplement public schools and build community leaders. 

HomeWorks aims to work alongside its scholars to disrupt the narrative that the cyclical effects of systemic injustice define black and Latinx girls’ lives. They provide a space to explore and reclaim power over their experiences, cultures, and identities. 

Ways to help –

  • Volunteer at the nonprofit to help the beneficiaries

4. TechGirlz motivates young girls to build their future careers in technology 

TechGirlz creates free and resourceful workshops called “TechShopz”. These sessions are conducted by industry experts and community leaders. They share free workshop resources and curricula with various companies, schools, and community groups. The aim is to motivate and inspire girls to pursue careers in technology.

Their mission is to create a world where girls have a better chance in building their careers. They want them to develop their confidence with the help of technology.

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5. Cooltechgirls aims to create a supportive and collaborative environment for school-age girls to ignite their passion for science and technology

Through workshops and role models, CTG hopes to motivate, mentor, and provide opportunities for school-age girls to pursue their passions.

CTG works with local science and technology-related companies to host events and build awareness about technology-related career opportunities. They have been collaborating with the local schools and community to make an impact. 

Ways to help –

6. Digital Rights Foundation focuses on women’s rights through policy advocacy & digital security awareness-raising

DRF is a research-based advocacy. It  focuses on Information Technology to support human rights democratic processes and digital governance. DRF believes that free internet can create a better world for women. Privacy policies and necessary access to information can encourage healthy and productive communities.

DRF works to build a community where all people, especially women, can exercise their right of expression freely without any fear.

Ways to help –

7. Las Fotos aims to help girls of color improve their self-confidence through the art of photography

Las Fotos Project is a nonprofit organization that motivates girls aged 13-19 to express themselves better through photography. 

It was founded in 2010 by Eric V. Ibarra in Los Angeles. He noticed a lack of confidence and self-esteem in most girls around. He hoped to help these girls through photography. These girls are provided with mentors to improve their self-confidence through better self-expression. 

Today, the organization provides professional cameras and hands-on workshops to girls. 

Ways to help –

  • Become a Mentor with Las Fotos Project

8. She built this City works to spark interest in the tribe of women looking for a change

She Built This City was founded by Demi Knight Clark, a residential construction industry executive. SBTC aims to empower girls aged 9-17 & women choosing to enter the workforce with construction trade skills & fearless maker spaces.

They firmly believe that today’s lineworker, plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, carpenter, welder, and more are tomorrow’s CEOs.

They do this by way of  afterschool programs, camps, workshops, women-focused career fairs & conferences.

Ways to help –

9. AFA is a global community committed to the economic empowerment, professional affirmation, and networking of women

All For All (AFA) is a global and diverse network of professional women. These are experts from different fields, dedicated to creating a platform for economic empowerment of women, their professional affirmation, and active involvement in creating the future of equal opportunity. ​ 

AFA connects corporations, investors, institutions, and the government. They make the AFA women’s network available to as many women as possible. The community provides them with the opportunity to cooperate, share knowledge and develop their potential. This is a cross-sectoral, cross-generational, and gender-diverse community.

Ways to help –

10. GirlsCodeToo is focused on supporting and encouraging girls to explore technology and discover innovation from a new angle

GirlsCodeToo initiative works on enabling, supporting, and encouraging girls. It helps them develop an interest in technology through a series of preliminary and skill-specific workshops, coding clubs, leadership classes, talks, and camps. 

Their target is to spark an interest in mathematics, computer science, science, and technology in young girls. They coach, upskill and help girls create amazing things that can be achieved only by using technology. 

Ways to help –

11. My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute helps girls who are underrepresented in STEM and business ownership

My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute is a group of champions who serve young women on a virtual platform. It helps girls visualize ways to change the world through mentorship. They connect them with Mentors who have careers in STEM and can help them develop and grow personally. 

They focus on changing the narrative of gender-based under-representation in STEM. They want young women to lead important and groundbreaking changes that will impact their communities and the world.

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