Human Rights Day

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”- John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

Human rights are inalienable irrespective of the sex, nationality, race, religion of a person. These rights are essential to live a free, fair and dignified life.

International Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on December 10 to spread awareness about the protection of human rights for all and make the world a safer and more inclusive place.

Goodera has curated a list of 16 nonprofits that uphold the rights of individuals across the world and mobilize support for the cause.

Develop Africa is shaping the future of children by providing them with study-supplies 

Founded with the aim of contributing to the nation-building process of Africa, Develop Africa provides children with books, notebooks, scholarships, lamps, vocational training and other school supplies to minimize their hardships in the course of studying. 

Even though Africa has come a long way in human development, a large number of children lack access to basic education and health which pushes them into a grave situation.

Ways to help-

Serve the City is partnering with homeless shelters, refugee centres and orphanages to help improve their lives

A global movement started by the volunteers in 2005, Serve the City partners with orphanages, old age homes, homeless shelters and other organisations to serve the people in need in a practical way. Activities like music, sports, art, craft, meal and social events are organized to make these people feel involved.

The nonprofit is active in 65 cities across the globe, serving the homeless, asylum seekers, elderly, disabled, children in need and victims of abuse. 

Ways to help-

Imani Community Development Corporation is working to improve the lives of the people in Southern Chicago

Imani Community was founded in 2001 with the vision of helping families through youth mentorship, after- school and summer- youth programs, food distribution, community development, toy distribution and other ways that can improve their lives.

The nonprofit works to fulfil the emotional, spiritual, social and economic needs of the community. Imani Community runs various projects like- Imani Community Food Distribution, Imani Brotherhood Mentoring Project and Imani Out-of-School Time Programming.

Ways to help-

  • Donate to the charity and help the community in South Chicago
  • Contact the nonprofit at connect@Imanicommunity@org to volunteer

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is protecting the human rights violation survivors and defending human rights across the world

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights follows the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and believes in promoting democratic values. The nonprofit defends the right to freedom and promotes human dignity and respect for all. They provide mental health assistance, medical treatment and other services to support the survivors of terror, trauma, human rights violations and domestic violence. 

The nonprofit runs various programs across US, Kurdistan-Iraq, Iraq and Syria. Since these programs started in 2005, they have helped lakhs of survivors in the region.

Ways to help-

  • Shop from the Jiyan Foundation- Get a gift and give a gift
  • To become a volunteer and help change lives, contact them
  • Donate to the charity 
  • Become an intern and learn as you help the beneficiaries

Malaysian Relief Agency is working to help people in and outside Malaysia, affected by armed conflict or natural disasters

With a vision of being an effective and efficient organisation to provide timely support to those in need, Malaysian Relief Agency believes in a borderless world. The nonprofit works to support these people so that they can realign themselves and set their recovery.

The organization is involved in community development projects to help affected communities. These projects include- Medical and Health Care, WaSH, Education, Economic development, Training and Livelihood and Food Security. 

Ways to help-

  • Become a Sahabat MRA (Friends of MRA) and kick-start your volunteer journey
  • Donate to the charity fund because each penny counts

Refugee Empowerment International is empowering the refugees across the world to make their lives better

In 1979, foreign residents of Tokyo came together to help the refugees that came from war-torn countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. They founded Refugees International to help those in need. 

With a unique approach of local partnerships, the nonprofit supports the programs that help people affected by armed conflict, persecution or displaced by violence. These programs mainly focus on education, employment generation, legal and human rights and environment and community building. 

Ways to help-

Agua de Coco (Coconut Water Foundation) is enhancing the quality of life of people facing social exclusion is Southern Countries

Agua de Coco was founded in 1994 with the aim of fulfilling the needs of children in Cambodia. The project grew and spread to Brazil and Madagascar. 

Today, the majority of projects are concentrated in Madagascar such as training projects, farm school, primary schools and various activities to engage children who are exposed to the risk of social exclusion. The nonprofit aims to create sustainable projects for these children to give them a better future.

Ways to help-

  • You can contact them to donate or support their cause in any way 

Democracy Without Borders is pursuing to build a global parliament at the UN which is elected by world citizens to uphold democratic values

Democracy Without Borders is striving for a world with democratic values which spans from local to global and increases representation and participation. The nonprofit rallies for free and fair elections at the local, national and international levels to strengthen the intergovernmental bodies globally.

The nonprofit assists research and development projects to strengthen the democratic processes and stands against the refusal of democratic rights by any government and other non-state actors.

Ways to help-

  • Volunteer with the organization and be the changemaker
  • Donate to Democracy Without Borders 

Human Rights Campaign is building a world where LGBTQ+ people live freely and have equal rights

The Human Rights Campaign was established in 1980. It is striving for a world which is inclusive and treats all people equally, including those who identify as LGBTQ+. It amplifies the voice of these people locally, nationally and globally to ensure that no one is left behind.

The focus is mainly the rights of LGBTQ+ people especially the trans persons, those living with HIV/AIDS and people of colors since they are more vulnerable to discrimination.

Ways to help-

  • Become a member of HRC
  • Shop from HRC and show your support 
  • Donate to the HRC fund

Family of Israel Foundation is thriving for new technologies that will bring a positive change to people’s lives in Israel and globally

Family of Israel Foundation was founded with the aim of creating cutting- edge technologies that will affect lives of people around the world on a personal level. Israel being the country with higher per capita engineers and researchers around the world, the foundation is a revolutionary body with a unique idea.

Their projects include- Isotopic Housing, Infectious Disease Mortality Reduction, Translational Medicine and Project Ark. 

Ways to help-

  • Donate to Family of Israel’s fund 
  • Volunteer with the foundation and get the chance to learn

Community Crisis Response Team is building suicide safer communities in Ireland

Community Crisis Response Team was founded with the vision of preventing suicides and helping people with mental health issues who need support and care.

The nonprofit now operates across Ireland and in some parts of the UK. They provide evidence- based certification training to organisations and emergency response to ensure that no one takes their lives due to mental illnesses.

Ways to help-

  • Volunteer with nonprofit and help people struggling with mental health issues
  • Donate to Community Crisis Response fund
  • If you are a company or brand, connect with the nonprofit and work with them

SAYAP Africa is working for community development by providing education and healthcare to people in Africa

SAYAP Africa is a nonprofit that provides medical supplies, health kits and other healthcare services to people in Africa to ensure that they lead a healthy and quality life. The nonprofit is also equipping children with education to bridge Africa’s literacy gap.

The nonprofit runs programmes like- Disaster and Pandemic, Fight Hunger, Promote Girl’s Education, Promote Private Sector Development and many others.

Ways to help-

  • Donate to SAYAP Africa’ s fund and help improve communities
  • Volunteer with the nonprofit 

Afghanaid is improving lives of people in Afghanistan through its community-based approach 

Afghanaid was founded in 1983 and has continued to help the people in Afghanistan through years of conflicts and wars. What started as a relief centre, soon turned to a rehabilitation centre and gradually to cater to the needs of the most vulnerable populations. 

Afghanaid works to provide basic services, improving livelihoods, humanitarian aid in emergencies, women and child rights and the services essential to survivors to rebuild their lives.

Ways to help- 

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition is advocating for an immigrant-welcoming State for everyone 

With a vision to strengthen the pillars of human rights and human dignity of every individual, The Colorado Immigration Rights Coalition (CIRC) is a membership-based coalition of immigrants, labors, youth, community, businesses and faiths to fight for improved quality of life for the immigrants and refugees by making Colorado a pro-immigrant state.

Most of the mission includes activities such as public awareness and education, fair civic engagement and more workable, just and humane immigration policies.

Ways to help-

  • Become a part of CIRC by signing-up for their membership
  • Volunteer with CIRC and be the driver of change
  • ‘Become a Donor and make the lives immigrants easier
  • Shop from the Gift Shop of the charity 

Philippine Migrants Rights Watch (PMRW) is advancing the rights of Filipino immigrants rights in Philippines and abroad

The Philippines Migrants Rights Watch (PMRW) was founded in 1995 to advocate for the fulfillment, recognition and protection of the rights of Filipino migrant people across the world. PMRC carries out activities such as lobbying, monitoring and education which helps them achieve their mission.

The nonprofit spreads awareness among the migrant workers about their rights, monitors the human rights abuse of the Filipino migrants and guides them towards justice. 

Ways to help-

War Child UK is supporting children affected by conflicts and wars across the world

War Child UK was founded in 1993 to protect the children who are left in a dire situation during wars and insurgencies. The goal of the organization is to connect to children in the conflict zones and support them so that they can get on the path of recovery as soon as possible.

The core areas that the nonprofit covers are- Education, Livelihood, Protection and Advocacy. The nonprofit has worked in five countries and helped across 124,949 children in 2020. 

Ways to help-

  • Choose what suits you the best from the various ways to get involved with the nonprofit 
  • Donate to War Child UK fund and improve the lives of survivor children

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