“There isn’t a trans moment. … It’s just a presence where there was an absence. We deserve so much more.” – Hari Nef.

In the US, over 1.4 million adults are transgender. Yet, they face acute discrimination in their day-to-day lives solely because of their sexuality and/or gender identity.

Many studies show that trans people are at a higher risk of workplace discrimination, unemployment, poverty, and homelessness. Basic facilities like access to quality medical care are also a significant problem for trans and non-binary people.

Goodera has created a list of 5 nonprofits that strive to empower the transgender community to help build a better and more inclusive world.

1. Queer Screen aims to celebrate the diversity of sexualities and gender identities through onscreen queer storytelling.

Queer Screen has been working to transform and engage individuals and communities since 1993. It wants people to grow, change, and be challenged to build a better society for everyone. This organization’s work is built on the foundational beliefs of diversity, inclusion, creativity, inspiration, and pride. 

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2. RFSL works to provide equal rights and opportunities to the LGBTQI community in Stockholm

RFSL Stockholm is Stockholm’s local association within RFSL, the National Association for the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, and intersex people. It ensures that everyone is given equal rights, opportunities, and obligations regardless of sexuality and gender identity. 

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3. Moscow LGBT Initiative Group «Stimul» aims to build an inclusive society for the betterment of all.

Moscow LGBT Initiative Group «Stimul» was started in 2015 to strive and fight for equal rights in our society. It works to provide basic human dignity to everyone, regardless of one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation. It does so by educating the LGBT community on legal issues, advocacy, and research work. Furthermore, it also assists the victims of discrimination and rights violations on the grounds of SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity).

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4. SPoD believes that taking action to provide rights for the LGBTI+ community is the need of the hour.

Social Policy, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD) started in 2011 with the dream of a fair, equal, and inclusive world under the rainbow. It aims to contribute to the production of social policies necessary for a life where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and (LGBTI+) people in Turkey will not feel under pressure regarding their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. 

In addition to its advocacy work for this purpose, SPoD aims to set an example for public institutions by developing service models for LGBTI+ communities, eliminating discrimination in these areas, and providing services specifically to LGBTI+s in the long term through public and private partnerships.

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5. Da se zna provides support to LGBTQIA+ persons by improving the effectiveness of the protection system. 

Da se zna provides support to LGBTQIA+ persons by improving the effectiveness of the protection system and advocating for an appropriate response from the authorities. They help those attacked by homophobia and transphobia or inappropriate comments directed at LGBT + people. Da se zna cooperates with competent institutions at the local and national level, mobilizes and raises the capacities of the LGBT + community, and focuses its work primarily through its presence on social networks.

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Nonprofits! Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility with Goodera. 

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