It is a beautiful thing to see so many women gathering today in groups and online to celebrate the Feminine. For many years so many of us have had a gnawing in our bellies, a sense that to shift what is not right in the world, women need to be honored and cherished for what is unique to them. We are activating the Goddess archetype on this planet on a deeper level than ever before.

There are stories of women’s horrendous pain and also our luminous joys that are emerging now. Until recently, all have been hidden in the dark recesses of our minds and hearts as secrets, too shameful or too radiant to share.

I wish for all my sisters to realize how unique, valuable and beautiful they are just because they are women. Its a bold statement and it is true: women who feel pleasure and love heal the planet.

We have been called for such a time as this, reaching a space where we can let the suffering go, birthing a new way, a way that honors the sacredness of all life. We can reach out for healing and be heard. The following is a beautiful example of this by Sara Sophia Eisenman.
‘My daughter Naomi is so wise. Whenever life gets a bit too busy and there is not quite enough presenced time with me to fill her cup, she comes up and hands me a piece of paper and a pencil and says, “Mommy, draw me.”

If I try to equivocate with dishes or errands or FaceBook distractions, she quietly says to me again, “No Mommy…draw me.”

And so, I do. Somehow she knows that when I do, it will get quiet and magic will unfold as all gadgets disappear and my eyes begin to trace the contours of her beautiful ever-so delicately changing face, her rounded cheeks, her long lashes and heart-shaped lips. She knows that I will take the time to notice and treasure her at a depth that is precious and rare, as my brow furrows trying to capture the astounding delicacy of her beauty and essence with my amateur hands and the pencil on the page, always failing because it cannot be captured, but allowing the magic to emanate from us both as time suspends itself in this rapturous, ineffable connection of the purest love and absolute attention.

She knows exactly how to ask me to love her. She just knows.’

To see a woman in her radiant beauty is a radical act and one that is wildly healing. Would you be willing to behold your mother, daughter, sister or friend as a radiant beauty and uplift her powerfully?

Perhaps today we are reactivating the Sisterhood of the Rose…

Our women friends at put together this beautiful, uplifting video with the support of some loving powerful men.

If you feel to there is a recording of the global synchronized prayer and meditation on March 8th worldwide here.

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