“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” – G.D. Anderson

On average, we see 33,000 cases of child brides every day.

In a year, a rural African woman spends 40 billion hours fetching water for her household. 

Less than 10 countries offer equal legal work rights for women.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Promoting gender equality across all aspects of our existence is one of the biggest global challenges of the 21st century. We still have a long way to go concerning the gender gap. 

Goodera has enlisted 5 nonprofits that strive to empower girls around the world to build an inclusive and progressive society.

1. Fashion and Compassion aims to empower women and families to overcome trauma and injustice

Fashion & Compassion wants to build a world where girls and women are not considered vulnerable sections of society. It wants them to live abundant, purposeful lives. It believes in bridging the gap from pain to purpose through impactful connections, inspired creations, and economic confidence.

It operates in Charlotte, North Carolina, and works with Artisan projects in six different countries. F&C teaches girls to make rings and different crafts. These skills offer supplemental earnings to the girls. It also generates an income stream for the organization.

Ways to help –

  • Shop from their store

2. The Zena Brand believes female entrepreneurs can fight gender inequality and extreme poverty

Female entrepreneurs living in rural poverty face two significant barriers to business opportunities. These include poor access to education and capital. The Zena Brand wants to change that. 

Zena products are handmade locally by female entrepreneurs in Kamuli, Uganda. These are women who were previously below the poverty line. By creating handmade jewelry, the Zena women earn to support themselves and their families. It helps them live a life above the poverty line. It enables them with business training. The money earned through Zena can also be used as start-up capital they need to start their own business.

Ways to help –

3. My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute helps improve the underrepresentation of girls in STEM

My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute is a nonprofit organization that caters to young women who aspire to pursue careers in STEM. It enables girls to build their future through resourceful mentorship. 

They envision a world where young girls and women can lead purposeful lives. My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute believes that gender stereotypes are just social barriers and we need to break them all.

Ways to help –

4. Naari Samata envisions a world where all are empowered and equality is the norm, not a privilege

The number of gang rapes has been constantly rising in India. Naari Samata was born to combat this. It is a charity organization that works on rape prevention by teaching the youth about gender equality and respect for women. 

Through their projects, such as Project Educate, Project Girl Power, and Online Charity Shop, they promote equality and support women in achieving their full potential.

Ways to help –

5. The Garden of Hope Foundation aims to eliminate sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence on women and children

The Garden of Hope Foundation was established in 1988. It helps disadvantaged girls and young women. They mainly work with girls caught in the sex industry, survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and survivors of human trafficking. 

They also have service centers across the island. They provide everything from counseling and temporary housing to employment training, social work, and legal aid from one halfway house. Their latest development phase helps women “go the second mile” with job training, housing aid, and emotional support after leaving the shelter.

Ways to help –

  • Check out their shop 

6. Education for All aims to improve secondary education for girls in rural Morocco

Education For All operates in Morocco. This organization believes that if you educate a girl, you educate the next generation also. 

Currently, very few girls in rural Morocco continue their studies after primary school. Secondary schools are inaccessible to them. Education For All works to improve this situation.

It also runs an international volunteer program, where women from various backgrounds share knowledge and skills with the girls. It inspires and motivates these girls.

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