“Life’s journey is a spiritual quest, and each challenge we face is an opportunity for growth and transformation. By connecting with our inner wisdom and the guidance of the spiritual realm, we can find the strength and clarity to navigate our path with purpose and fulfillment.”

– Christopher Stilson

Self-improvement is an ever-evolving voyage of self-discovery and personal growth that allows us to unleash our full potential. Investing in ourselves and striving for continuous improvement in a world that constantly challenges us is essential.

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Discover the incredible power of self-improvement as we embark on a transformative expedition toward a more vibrant, purpose-driven, and empowered version of ourselves.

As a part of this self-improvement interview series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher Stilson.

I’m excited to introduce our guest, Christopher Stilson. Christopher is a spiritual mentor and personal growth coach who dedicated his life to helping individuals find inner wisdom and spiritual transformation. With a profound understanding of the power of spirituality in navigating life’s challenges, Christopher empowers others to connect with their higher selves and embrace a path of purpose and clarity.

Thank you so much for joining us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Please tell us a bit about your backstory.

Hello, and thank you for having me. I’m Christopher Stilson, also known as the Twin Tiers Medium. My journey began in a small town in upstate New York called Elmira, where I grappled with my psychic abilities and battled anxiety and depression. It was a life-changing moment in high school when I connected with my spirit guide, Anna, that I finally understood my true calling as a psychic medium.

Since then, I’ve been unwaveringly dedicated to helping others connect with their loved ones on the other side, find purpose and fulfillment in their lives, and improve their luck through spiritual practices such as Feng Shui and energy therapy. I’ve been honored to share my gifts and knowledge through psychic medium readings, transformational coaching, and writing books such as ‘Taking It Back: A Simple Guide to Transform Your Life’ and ‘Global Conscious Entrepreneurs.’

My journey has been self-discovery, growth, and transformation, and I’m grateful to share my experiences and insights with others. Thank you again for having me.

Can you tell us about your journey and what led you to the work you do today?

My journey has been one of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. I have always felt a solid connection to the spiritual realm, but it wasn’t until later in life that I truly embraced my psychic abilities and intuition. Through personal experiences and deep introspection, I found my calling to help others connect with their spiritual selves and transform their lives.

What inspired you to focus on helping people connect with their “three lucks”?

The concept of the “three lucks”—heaven, human, and earth luck—resonated deeply. Individuals can create a harmonious and fulfilling life by understanding and aligning these three aspects of luck. My inspiration comes from seeing the transformative power that embracing these lucks can have on people’s lives.

How do the “three lucks” – heaven, human, and earth luck – influence a person’s life?

Each of these lucks plays a vital role in shaping our experiences and outcomes. Heaven luck relates to our spiritual destiny; human luck concerns personal choices and actions; earth luck involves our external environment and circumstances. By consciously working with these lucks, individuals can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and manifest their desires effectively.

Could you share more about your services, such as psychic medium readings and transformational coaching?

My psychic medium readings allow individuals to connect with their loved ones in the spirit world and gain insights into their path ahead. In transformational coaching, I work closely with clients to identify and overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, and unlock their full potential. These services are designed to empower individuals on their personal and spiritual journeys.

What led you to co-author the book “Global Conscious Entrepreneurs” and how does it tie into your work?

Co-authoring “Global Conscious Entrepreneurs” with Marie Diamond was a collaborative effort to inspire individuals to lead with purpose and consciousness in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The book shares stories of transformation and success, offering valuable insights and practical guidance for those seeking to impact the world positively.

Can you explain the significance of “Taking It Back: A Simple Guide to Transform Your Life” as a workbook for personal transformation?

“Taking It Back” is a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking self-discovery and transformation. The workbook provides practical exercises, reflections, and tools to help readers uncover their true purpose, release limiting beliefs, and create lasting positive change.

How do you aim to inspire and guide individuals through your work and books?

My primary aim is to empower individuals to embrace their spirituality, tap into their inner wisdom, and live authentically. Through my work and writings, I seek to inspire others to realize their potential, cultivate positivity, and navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

What impact do you hope to have on those skeptical about spirituality and spiritual practices?

For those who may be skeptical, I invite them to approach spirituality with an open mind and heart. My journey as a skeptic medium has taught me the importance of seeking validation and guidance in my spiritual experiences. I want to encourage skeptics to explore the richness and depth of spiritual practices and discover their transformative power.

How do you integrate spirituality and positivity into your daily life and interactions with others?

Spirituality is not just a practice but a way of life for me. I start each day with gratitude and set positive intentions. I stay present and mindful of my thoughts and actions throughout the day, ensuring they align with my spiritual values. In my interactions with others, I strive to radiate positivity and compassion, knowing that our energy and intentions can profoundly impact those around us.

In your experience, what are some common misconceptions about spiritual practices and psychic abilities?

One common misconception is that spirituality is detached from everyday life and only relates to religious practices. Spirituality is about finding meaning, purpose, and connection in all aspects of life. Another misconception is that psychic abilities are supernatural or “woo-woo” when they are innate senses that we all possess to varying degrees. I aim to dispel these misconceptions and show that spirituality and psychic abilities are accessible and valuable tools for personal growth.

Can you share a particular success story or client transformation that is a testament to the effectiveness of your approach?

I had a client who was deeply dissatisfied with their career and relationships. Through our sessions, they rediscovered their true passion and purpose, leaving their unfulfilling job and finding a new path aligned with their authentic self. This transformation, this journey from emptiness to fulfillment, drives me. It’s a testament to the transformative power of spiritual guidance.

How do you balance skepticism and open-mindedness in your work as a psychic medium?

Skepticism can be a valuable tool in discernment as long as it does not hinder openness. I honor skepticism as a healthy means of inquiry, inviting clients to question and seek validation. At the same time, I remain profoundly open-minded and compassionate, understanding that everyone’s spiritual journey and belief systems are unique.

What drives your passion for helping others through spiritual guidance and transformational coaching?

We have immense power and potential to create the life we desire. Witnessing the transformation and growth of my clients fuels my passion. The joy I find in guiding others to unlock their inherent gifts and lead fulfilling lives is what continues to drive me in my work.

How can individuals benefit from tapping into their “three lucks” and embracing spiritual practices?

By understanding and harmonizing their “three lucks,” individuals can gain a more profound sense of purpose, make conscious choices aligned with their values, and create a favorable external environment for growth and success. Embracing spiritual practices allows individuals to tap into their intuition, cultivate inner peace, and navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

What role do positivity and intuition play in your work and client interactions?

Positivity and intuition are central to my work. Positiveness uplifts and empowers both myself and my clients, creating a nurturing space for transformation. Intuition allows me to tap into higher guidance and provide insights that resonate with my client’s needs and aspirations. Both positivity and intuition are instrumental in creating a supportive and transformative experience.

How do you address the growing interest in spirituality and energy healing in the modern world?

The growing interest in spirituality and energy healing reflects a shift in consciousness towards a more holistic and interconnected worldview. I address this interest by providing accessible and practical resources, sharing my experiences, and effectively communicating the benefits of these practices. It’s essential to meet individuals where they are on their spiritual journey and offer guidance that resonates with their unique needs.

What message would you like to impart to those seeking spiritual guidance and personal transformation?

My message is one of hope, empowerment, and self-discovery. To those seeking spiritual guidance and personal transformation, I encourage you to embrace your innate gifts and connect with your spiritual essence. Trust in the transformative power within you and know that you can shape your destiny and live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

In my work and through my writings, I aim to provide practical tools, insights, and support to help individuals embark on their unique spiritual journeys and experience profound personal transformation. I invite you to explore the depths of your spirituality, cultivate positivity, and unlock your potential as you walk the path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my journey and insights. It has been a pleasure to discuss the transformative power of spirituality, the “three lucks,” and the potential for personal growth and fulfillment. I look forward to connecting with those embarking on their path of spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

Absolutely! Thank you for asking. Readers can stay updated on my work by visiting my website to find information on my services, upcoming events, and blog posts on spiritual topics. They can also connect with me on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, where I share daily inspiration, insights, and updates on my work. I’m passionate about connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing guidance and support on the spiritual journey. I appreciate your interest in my work and look forward to connecting with you online.

Thank you, Christopher Stilson, for sharing your insights and expertise today. I greatly appreciate your dedication to helping others find inner wisdom and embrace clarity.