So, you have managed to get through the main part of the interview and the end is in sight, however the interviewer then asks “Have you got any questions for us?” — what do you say?

The vast majority of people will instantly say “No, I think I have an understanding of the role and today helped to clarify it more”, whilst this is ok…. it is always better to ask questions and let’s face it we all have them! Until you have been in that role for that company there is no way to have a full understanding of the job so why do people hold back in asking for more information?

Naturally when people are nervous or uncomfortable they just want to get out of that situation as quickly as possible but by not asking any questions it could be one of the differences between yourself and another candidate of a similar skill level that asked great questions.

By asking questions you come across as interested, engaged, thoughtful and confident so don’t be afraid to ask the questions you have been thinking of beforehand such as –

“What do you see as the most challenging components of this role”

“What do you think would be the key to being successful in this position”

“What would be your expectations of the successful candidate in the first 3–6–9 months?”

“Can you describe to me in more detail how this role fits into the broader company structure?”

“Please can you tell me more about the team and the internal/external interfaces.”

“What do you like about working for X company?”

All of these are questions I have been asked before and each time the Hiring Manager has been pleased the candidate has taken an active interest in wanting to get further information from the panel. It infers that you are taking this process seriously and considering all aspects before making a decision.

In saying this I have been asked some questions before that I would not recommend in an interview setting –

“What is the pay?”

“What hours do I have to work?”

“How much sick leave do I get”

“Do I have to do extra responsibilities or work over time regularly?”

Whilst these are all valid questions, these are not one’s to ask at interview, ask them to the Recruiter prior to the interview so that you are sure it is the right opportunity for you. By asking about the money in an interview (unless it is brought up by the Hiring Manager/Interviewer) it can imply that you motivations are money related more than opportunity driven — appreciate that money is important but considering this is your time to shine and stand out it can wait! 🙂

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Originally published at on July 7, 2014.

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