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There are a lot of SEO software tools on the market with different capabilities. Which tool you use is often based on personal flair. That being said, using an SEO tool can help you grow your traffic, increase your keyword rankings, dominate your competition, and really earn those dollars!

CanIRank is a machine learning, data-driven platform that gives you actionable steps to increase your search results.

We sat down with CanIRank to find out how using CanIRank can help grow eCommerce, SaaS, Startups, and more!

Within CanIRank there are a plethora of toolkits that can be utilized within CanIRank to increase your rankings. And with the machine learning component of CanIRank, the algorithm consistently learns to provide you with the best opportunities specific to your business.

So what can you learn with CanIRank? Here’s what we found:

#1 – Check your performance against the competition

Wondering how you’re doing overall with your marketing efforts? By running a marketing performance report you can compare your site with your top competitors. Knowing what your competitors are doing is highly valuable. With this information, you can find new tactics, identify weak points, and strategize new campaigns.

#2 – Discover money-making keywords

It’s no secret that dominating the SERPS for high-intent search terms for your business niche brings traffic and money. With our machine-learning technology, it’s easy to find keyword opportunities. Even better? We break down the likelihood of you being able to rank for each keyword and the value of owning that keyword.

Within the keyword difficulty tool, you can also easily identify high-traffic, high-high-value, and high ROI keywords and sort through them by your goal.

#3 – Analyze your content so you can optimize them for $$ making changes

Using the “Improve My Content” tool, you can quickly analyze your published content for ways to optimize a page. Optimizing your content allows you to increase conversions, get your content in front of your targeted personas, and position yourself as a thought leader. Here you can also track your keywords and their estimated value among many other things!

#4 – Promote your content

Using the “Promote My Content” tool, you can quickly identify the best places to outreach to and/or further promote your content. Whether it is an individual blogger, forum, roundup, resource page, the custom promotion opportunities give you a wide range of targets. We rank these targets by relevancy, the authority of the page, do-follow link percentage and how actionable each page is.

The more you promote your content, the more people see your content thus, the more dollars in your pocket.

#5 – Find actionable opportunities

Utilizing our “Opportunities” tool, you will find actionable opportunities tailored specifically to your business. Using machine learning, we identify the BEST actions you can take broken down by time, projected monetary value, ease of completion, relevancy and more. Whether it is a guest post opportunity, blogger to reach out to, a forum to submit to, or countless other opportunities, the opportunities tab provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete the objective.

The best part of it all? Love an idea and don’t have time to do it yourself? You can delegate the task to our full-service consultants who will tackle it for you!

#6 – Build your authority

Authority could easily be synonymous with money. Our “Build My Authority” platform provides recommendations for building your website authority. Each day you complete an action, we reassess your website’s needs and make additional recommendations. Whether it’s piggybacking on other people’s press, pitching an A-list blogger, or updating your site-structure, you will again find step-by-step actionable items you can use to increase your authority.

#7 – Grow your followers

Within the “Grow My Followers” tool you will see actionable ways to build your social media presence. These actionable actions will allow you to grow your followers, streamline your social media, and more!

And there you have it.

Ready to try it out?

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Happy ranking!