The NFL Alumni is the oldest and the most well-known retired organization in professional sports. The CEO, Elvis Gooden has recently been appointed.

He has led financial initiatives and implemented IT systems for various government and public/private entities for over 30 years. “These projects have required that I be quite literally at the core of an organization, providing them with tools and resources to be more efficient and effective.”

“I have a genuine passion for knowing how things work. As a young man, I would frequently take computers apart and put them back together.”

That passion led Elvis to “develop my own municipal finance software application, Gooden Systems, which was used by city governments to manage their accounting and purchasing.”

Elvis’ experience with the NFL Alumni Association started with him joining as the CFO and as the Executive Vice President. He says, “I was fortunate to join the organization first as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. This role provided me an in-depth knowledge of the organization’s multiple entities, i.e. NFLA, Inc., NFLA Association, NFLA Services and Pro Legends, Inc. This insight, coupled with my day-to-day engagement with the NFLA staff, Board, and Chapter Presidents, truly gave me a unique platform to formulate my own thoughts regarding how the organization could and should grow into the future.”

Elvis’ three pieces of advice as the CEO of the NFL Alumni;

“Never stop building relationships, give back whenever you can, and always remain calm.”

Building relationships — The secret to success is learning and admitting what you don’t know and surrounding yourself with others who fill those gaps. Throughout my life I have sought out relationships with people who have helped me grow personally and professionally. In my current role, I am incorporating those relationships into ways that benefits the entire NFLA organization.

Giving back — A fundamental value that I share with the NFLA is the idea of caring for others. My role and platform allow me to work hands-on and give back each and every day. Whether it be pediatric cancer or CTE research or domestic violence, serving others truly makes me a better leader.

Remain calm — Whatever is in front of you, good or bad, will pass. You can’t control the universe, but what you can control is how you react. More often than not, remaining calm and allowing the situation to unfold is truly the best tactic.

Elvis plans to “include continuing to evolve the NFLA member experience. Our sponsors and partners are very focused on providing former players, coaches, and cheerleaders the best quality of life possible. Providing Primary Care for our members is my ultimate goal. As an organization, [we] are continuing to grow our overall health and wellness services — particularly focusing on CTE. We’re also very focused on helping members advance their careers by providing transitioning services and personal branding and business opportunities.”

Elvis encourages all fans to engage with the NFLA and its local chapters.

“We can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @NFLAlumni. We can also be found at”

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