Ephraim Zagelbaum is the Founder and CEO of the nursing homes company, Personal Healthcare. Zagelbaum received his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting from the Touro College. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Seton Hall University.

He began his career as a healthcare executive in 2003 as Administrator of Windsor Park Nursing Home in Queens Village, New York. Zagelbaum excelled quickly. Just 5 years later, he purchased his first nursing home. Since then, he has been responsible for creating the vision and providing the strategic leadership of Personal Healthcare. This successful entrepreneur continues to increase resident care outcomes and overall facility performance on an ongoing and steady basis.

Currently, Personal Healthcare owns 10+ nursing homes within New York and Massachusetts, totaling more than 1,300 beds.  

This successful entrepreneur has earned himself an incredible reputation within the nursing home industry thanks to his keen understanding and leadership skills.

As the CEO of Personal Healthcare, Zagelbaum is committed to helping seniors get the best quality healthcare.

He has shared his story that has insights you can apply in your own life.

1. The Beginning

Q: Tell me about your beginnings

Ephraim Zagelbaum: I have always wanted to help seniors. So, I decided to start my career in the senior care industry, in order to gain experience. Since ever, my dream was to be an entrepreneur. So, I committed myself to learning and saving money for investing in my dream, buying my first nursing home. Five years later, I achieved my goal and founded Personal Healthcare.

Q: Tell me more about your team and you company culture

Ephraim Zagelbaum: We are mission-oriented people who care about others. For our team we are looking for people who really care and are committed to helping others, who are incredibly confident, and know how to work hard. You get one life, so you want to build something bigger than yourself. To me, that’s a business that actually helps people.

Our team consists of people that are determined enough to get things done and are strategic enough and thoughtful enough to think through problems.

A really important thing to me are the impeccable communication skills. The great communicators of our team have been able to elevate us quickly.

The other and not less important thing to me is the ability to constantly innovate and push new ideas.

Furthermore, the great teamwork is the key to a successful company. There’s isn’t only one person who creates Personal Healthcare, it’s a team. It’s never about one person, it’s the team collaboratively.

2. Mindset

Q: What is the right mindset for achieving success?

Ephraim Zagelbaum: Perseverance is the most important trait to have. I have seen plenty of challenges and tribulations on the way. The only thing that distinguishes a successful person from a looser is the ability to get back up and keep working after those setbacks.

There is no problem big enough to fully stop you from pursuing your goal. Be relentless in whatever you do. Only in this way, you will find success!

3. Success

Q: How would you define success?

Ephraim Zagelbaum: My definition for success is reaching my full potential in entrepreneurship and creating a business that genuinely makes peoples’ lives better.

Q: What is your advice on treating failure?

Ephraim Zagelbaum: For me, failure is an opportunity to learn. Throughout my life as an entrepreneur, I have had many projects that have never reached success. However, rather than being upset and quitting, I saw that as an opportunity to see how I can do better next time. You should give yourself the opportunity to fail enough, before achieving success. Be just as excited to fail as you are to succeed.