During my interview with this young entrepreneur, I found him a very passionate and motivated person who has built an excellent clothing company. He started his career by selling T-shirts, but now, with hard work, he has achieved many milestones in life. 

When I ask him about what brought you to start your Apparel business? 

I’ve dreamt of building a clothing empire since I was 16 years old. I fell in love with clothing and fashion in my early days of high school. I was obsessed with the Hollywood rapper lifestyle. Although Hollywood was just 50 minutes away from Riverside, California, it felt like a different planet compared to my current situation.

Background Story:

Living in a lower-class environment, this dream of Frank felt like a long shot. He says he remembers reading almost every article, blog, or source of information he could find on building a clothing brand. He wanted to follow the same blueprint that was created before.

At the time of going more in conversation about the familiar story,  I asked what keeps him motivated in life after having a big success like his brand? 

His answer is simply, he says “It’s my customers who inspire me and motivate me every time to bring creativity and solutions for them.” 

I know challenges are also important in every entrepreneur’s life. I asked what challenges did he came up with during the time of starting a business?

I had to face many challenges. The fact that I was broke, my parents were broke. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I felt demotivated many times because of financial and mental stress. But a few of my friends helped me to overcome the situation. I am glad that I have a few people in my life who supported me during my bad days.

I also asked him what is the best advice you would like to give young people who want to start their business?

He said, “Don’t lose hope when the world brings evil at your door. Receive it with humility and respect. 

Take failure as a challenge. Be Strong and Courageous.”


The story of Frankie Quiroz teaches all of us that never lose hope and stay firm with your mission. You can achieve success in life at a young age too, but remember, Always be true with your buyers and customers when dealing with them.

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