wearing masks in Rome

The idea to chronicle, through images, the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, as global therapy of sort, came to me as I was in lockdown in Manila. It was the end of April. My wife and I were well into our straight 46 days inside. I reached out to Dan to seek his advice. Dan, now a resident in the UK, and I were colleagues at the United Nations in Laos. Unbeknownst to me, Dan was setting up a similar project, using interviews instead of photos, with his partner Julia. There was an immediate spark across the phone line: we decided on the spot to join forces to create a digital exhibition showcasing stories of this world-shifting event. All We Have was born.

Sharing the challenge

We started All We Have because we were struck by how the pandemic was tripping up lives across the world, creating a common denominator between us all. At the same time, we watched as divisions grew in every aspect of our global lives, from the political to the cultural. And so it was a relief to have the stories and photographs pour in from all corners of our planet, reemphasized the degree to which we share this challenge. We really are all in this together. That can be a terrifying thought as the challenges we face are vast and varied. But it also speaks to the possibility for a global society where we can support each other from every corner, knowing that others will feel, think and act the same.

Where are we going?

Many friends have asked us where we want to take All We Have. The honest answer is we don’t really know.We believe that the fact of being tripped up by life, in this case by a mortal threat, forces all us to recognize all we have lost and all we might gain from this experience. What we know is that the healing will continue long after a vaccine or cure is discovered. All We Have will continue to be driven by the energy, fear and hope of its growing viewers and contributors.

A growing platform

Since its launch on June 1, we have curated photographs and spoken to individuals from over 70 countries. We’ve connected on a scale well beyond anything we’ve experienced before. All We Have was featured on CNN Philippines and other international media and our Facebook and Instagram following continues to grow. All We Have has brought together an international team of creatives from all corners of the globe. All We Have has no commercial goal and is entirely self-funded to date.

Discover stories from the pandemic: www.allwehavestories.com