It’s Sunday night and, all of a sudden, the realization that tomorrow is Monday sets in. There’s a term for this: “Sunday Scaries.” That feeling you get when you know Monday — and all that comes with it — is coming. But why? Why do two-thirds of people say Monday is the “worst” day of the week?

It turns out that there are actually a few reasons we’re primed to dislike Mondays. Our sleep patterns play a role. When we use our weekends as an opportunity to “catch up” on sleep, we disturb our body clocks, leaving us fatigued at the start of the week when our bodies don’t want to readjust. Research has also shown that people tend to put the most pressure on themselves to make major life changes, like quitting smoking, on Mondays.

But what if we took a different approach? What if, instead of dreading them, we decided to celebrate Mondays? Thrive Global is excited to introduce #TGIM, a social campaign centered around a new way of looking at Mondays.

Using the hashtag #TGIM on Instagram, show us how you celebrate, look forward to, and thrive on Mondays. Each week, we’ll be featuring posts that inspire us on the @thrive account.

It’s Monday already?? WOOHOO!!

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