Thrive Challenges add a new layer of motivation and incentive as people build healthy habits through Microsteps. It creates a peer network of support within an organization, resulting in a more effective and more meaningful behavior change journey. Based on Thrive’s strategic partnership with Walmart, we developed a unique whole-human approach to Challenges — not just based on losing weight or getting more steps in each day. And at the heart of Challenges is the idea that we want to build stronger, more meaningful connections with our co-workers — by cheering each other on and becoming accountability buddies — not simply competing against them. 

In fall 2021, we launched custom Challenges in the Thrive app for all colleagues at Accenture to enhance their Thrive Journeys of Well-being, Resilience, and Belonging. And the response has been amazing. Now, we’re excited to bring Thrive Challenges to all of our customers. You can see a sizzle of Thrive Challenges in action here.

How Challenges Ignite Individual and Organizational Behavior Change

  • Thrive creates Challenges that align with your organizational goals and Thrive’s core Journeys: Recharge, Food, Move, Focus, Money, and Connect
  • Each Challenge includes relevant Microsteps over a set duration (e.g. 21 days) to support habit formation over time
  • Users check into their Challenge Microsteps to build habits in the areas that matter most to them
  • For motivation and a sense of community, users can see how many others are participating in their Challenge
  • Coming soon: opportunities to connect with others during a Challenge for additional support and inspiration

To learn more about how Thrive can help your people build mental resilience, de-stress in real time, and increase productivity, fill out this form and our team will be in touch.


  • Christopher O'Donnell

    Chief Product Officer

    Thrive Global

    Christopher O'Donnell is Chief Product Officer, overseeing Thrive's product and engineering team. Christopher spent over ten years at HubSpot, most recently serving as Chief Product Officer overseeing all product and design for the global team. Under his leadership, HubSpot was ranked second in product satisfaction by G2’s Best Global Sellers for 2021, behind only Microsoft. In 2019, he was named one of Comparably’s Best Product Leaders. An established public speaker and guest lecturer at MIT Sloan, he has given product keynotes at INBOUND for years, with audiences of 10k+, and he is also the leader of the band The Providers, with 10M views on YouTube. Prior to his time at HubSpot, Christopher co-founded, a javascript error tracking application that was ultimately acquired by Twitter and then Google. Before that, he was Director of Product Development at Performable, where he led the design and development of Performable Analytics and Engage before the product and team were acquired by HubSpot in 2011.