Companies use tools to measure engagement, but they don’t monitor employee burnout, resilience, and other mission-critical indicators that actually determine an individual’s — and organization’s — ability to thrive. Thrive Pulse provides our first-of-its-kind view into employee resilience, well-being, and burnout. It helps leaders identify areas of greatest and least resilience in their organizations to target well-being interventions within the Thrive platform that increase productivity, prevent turnover, and improve the bottom line with an anonymized and aggregated mental resilience dashboard. Most importantly, Pulse integrates directly into the daily workflow — for example, in Microsoft Teams and Slack — creating a seamless, frictionless experience that meets employees where they are to capture constantly-fresh and accurate data. The key features of Pulse are:

Assessments — Capture valuable in-the-moment insights on how employees are doing across key areas like resilience, burnout risk, and focus.

Seamless Workflow Integration — Integrate with existing calendar or workplace tools to provide additional insights into meeting flow, connections, productivity, and more.

Biometrics & Wearables — Users can opt in to share data from their favorite wearable devices to gain more powerful insights into their performance and stress.

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  • Christopher O'Donnell

    Chief Product Officer

    Thrive Global

    Christopher O'Donnell is Chief Product Officer, overseeing Thrive's product and engineering team. Christopher spent over ten years at HubSpot, most recently serving as Chief Product Officer overseeing all product and design for the global team. Under his leadership, HubSpot was ranked second in product satisfaction by G2’s Best Global Sellers for 2021, behind only Microsoft. In 2019, he was named one of Comparably’s Best Product Leaders. An established public speaker and guest lecturer at MIT Sloan, he has given product keynotes at INBOUND for years, with audiences of 10k+, and he is also the leader of the band The Providers, with 10M views on YouTube. Prior to his time at HubSpot, Christopher co-founded, a javascript error tracking application that was ultimately acquired by Twitter and then Google. Before that, he was Director of Product Development at Performable, where he led the design and development of Performable Analytics and Engage before the product and team were acquired by HubSpot in 2011.