I want to talk to you all about a gift that we all have. Yup, you too skeptical reader, so don’t stop reading now. Just read on.

This gift, it’s something that we all experience in differing ways and with differing frequencies. It is that weird sense of certainty that we call intuition.

What is intuition? It is a perception that comes without emotion. It is a deep sense of knowing that is unattached to thought or judgement. It comes out of nowhere but feels comfortable. It is a signal from your internal compass that lets you know what’s ‘right’.

It’s easy to think you’re right so I often caution friends and loved ones to not mistake fear for intuition.

How do you discern between fear and intuition? Intuition comes to you absent of thought.

Intuition doesn’t make you happy or sad, scared or excited. It doesn’t even make you hopeful or regretful. Intuition is simply a calm sense of certainty. If you feel any emotion, then it’s not intuition. Emotions are generated from your brain – that thing filled with thoughts, ideas, feelings, reactions, memories, hopes and dreams.

Knowing the difference between intuition and fear is the key to using your gift.

Some people call it a gut feeling because it’s something that they physically feel in their gut. For others, you might feel goosebumps or overcome by a still sense of peace. Wherever and however the sensation may crop up, there is no emotion that accompanies intuition.

Intuition is a gentle hand. It often compels decisions or actions that we may or may not have intended but regardless of our intent, following our intuition is always an easy path. That internal guide always yields a forward motion that makes you feel like you’re effortlessly gliding along. Why? Because intuition guides you to the path you’re supposed to be on. If you follow your intuition the road will rise to meet you.

Intuition can inform something easy and everyday like knowing where to find the ace parking spot. It can also be knowing information that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you, meaning that out of the blue you say or know something and not know where the knowledge or information came from. It may even help you pick a winning lottery ticket. For some intuition may even be life changing or compel you to take great action outside of your comfort zone. More often than not intuition pushes us to take a chance of some kind and it’s a chance that we feel oddly comfortable and certain about.

Whatever the circumstance, intuition is that moment when you just KNOW.

There is something you should know about that knowing feeling – You should trust it.

Intuition is something that we all subscribe to at some level, even you skeptics. I don’t care what or who you believe in or don’t believe in, you’ve experienced intuition and you’ve wondered about it. Whether you associate it with a higher sense being, random luck, angels, or quantum physics – you’ve followed your intuition.

For me, I’ve embraced these moments of knowing and allowed my intuition to guide me in all aspects of my life. Most importantly, intuition has guided me on my journey of healing and self discovery. When I knew that I didn’t want to follow modern medicine to solve my issues, the choice didn’t come from any previous experiences, history of behavior, outside influences or established beliefs. In fact, I’m certain that most folks thought I was nuts. Regardless, what I experienced was just a profound sense of knowing that the modern medicine approach wasn’t the right choice for me. 

I was not sure exactly what the solution would be or what my path would look like but I knew that I had a different journey ahead of me. I also knew that the path I was choosing was the one that would work for me.

I’m so glad I followed that sense of knowing because it has taken me on a journey of personal growth, spiritual growth, self-care and healing. Intuition was even the impetus to start this blog.

I had no foundation in the things that I was drawn to but I knew that they were right for me. Like yoga, meditation, cycling and more recently QiGong. None of my friends were into these things when I was drawn to try them and I had no previous exposure to them. These practices simply called to me. And they’ve changed my life.

Outside of personal health, a particularly strong aspect of my intuition is that it has compelled me to reach out and connect with strangers that felt ‘right’. These strangers are people in my hometown and in my travels – those kindred spirits around the globe that you’re drawn to. Those people who you unabashedly approach and engage in conversation. So many of these ‘strangers’ are now good friends and on innumerable occasions these new friends yielded helpful or insightful information that was immediately relevant or helpful for my healing. Regardless, I’ve never regretted meeting the people I knew I should meet. They have all enriched my life.

So feel free to shake it off as coincidence, or continue to chalk it up as random luck, but if you’re even remotely inclined to believe that there’s more to life than simple biologic activity, you know that intuition is a gift.

Knowing without knowing is confirmation that we are all connected as one. Energy is never lost, it is transferred. Intuition is the energy of universal knowledge transferred to you. Enjoy your gift!

Originally published at jeligavric.com