In my previous stress fueled life, I kept so busy; I never allowed my mind to be still.
I had trained my brain to constantly plan and organize everything. Including how I thought people would react and respond to me.
I would play future conversations in my mind. Subconsciously believing that if I planned it, then I was in control, and everything would be good and safe.

Of course I couldn’t control the future or others reactions and behaviours. I would be bitterly disappointed when circumstances and people didn’t react the way I had thought they should. I was wasting a huge amount of time and energy worrying about what was out of my control.

I had taken overthinking to the extreme. I spent more time in my head than being in the present moment. Creating anxiety and panic attacks through my excessive worrying.

I know now that my subconscious mind was only trying to protect and keep me safe.
Our ego, or primitive brain is a good thing, its kept us humans alive and safe as we’ve evolved.

But when the fears get out of control it wreaks havoc on our happiness and health.

I look back on some of my most memorable life experiences. I wasn’t able to enjoy them fully because I wasn’t present; I was too busy thinking and worrying about what next.

Over the years I’ve learnt to quiet my mind. I’ve slowed right down and become a keen observer of my thoughts and reactions. I watch them now instead of get caught up in them.
This has freed me to be able to feel, see, and experience everything that is happening in the moment. And Wow what a life game changer that has been.

I’ve developed immense trust in my intuition. I have utter faith that everything is happening in my life exactly as it is meant to. I’ve let go of trying to control anything external to me and instead focus on what I can control. ME.

We are all born with the gift of intuition. But you’ll only hear it when the mind is still.
Your intuition is that quiet voice that whispers guidance, it won’t shout at you like the fearful primitive mind does.  

I’ve found that when I follow those quiet whispers of wisdom I’ve been guided to people, places and experiences that I never could have imagined possible.
When we let go of trying to control, we can let life surprise and delight us instead.

Learning to still the mind is a daily practice. Meditation teaches us connect within and listen. It doesn’t have to be hours long, just 15 minutes done consistently is enough to make a huge difference to the way you feel.

Here’s four ways to use your intuition, that let life surprise and delight you:

Stay open to the signs in your environment.
When you are present and in the moment you become aware of subtle messages.
Have you ever noticed repeating numbers? Do you always look up at the clock at the same time? Do you see the same number patterns on car registration plates? Do you have reoccurring dreams? Does a certain animal keep crossing your path?
What could these messages be teaching you?

Do you find that sometimes everything just flows. Like it’s all working perfectly. Other times it may feel like walking through treacle, everything goes wrong. Pay attention to these moments they are messages of your unconscious thoughts.
Our thinking will have a direct correlation to how we view the world. If you’re stuck in a negative thought cycle our outer world will be doom and gloom. Conversely positive thinking results in positive outcomes.

Physical sensations
Your body is always communicating with you, it never lies.
Be aware of those aches and pains or injuries. There is always an underlying reason. For example. When I first started my business, I was so overwhelmed with where to start and what to do I became the queen of procrastination. I spent more time at the gym then doing the work I needed to do. My fitness was amazing but my business not so. And then, playing tennis one day, I sprained my ankle so badly I couldn’t walk. I was forced to stop the gym so I no longer could avoid my work.
The amazing Louise Hay wrote the book Heal your Body, the mental causes for physical illness. It’s my go to now for every ailment. I highly recommend it.

Get to know your guiding voice
We are all intuitive, some of us hear the guidance others see, seem feel it. Learn the ways that  messages come to you.  It will feel strange to begin with. Because we’re not taught this stuff.
Most people find the ego mind is very persistent and perhaps quite dominant or loud.
Whereas intuition will be much quieter.
Mine for example, tends to come up at random times. I usually get a sudden clarity or knowing. But it’s gone as quickly as it comes.
Try journaling the messages. Start getting to know your inner communication. This helps strengthening your intuitive muscle. Like everything in life the more you practice the easier it becomes