Intuition and success: those two things go hand in hand. In fact, learning to listen within and trusting your own intuitive guidance is the key to you creating success in all areas of our life… including your work.

Just the other day I was talking with a woman about her business who said, “I don’t know if this is how intuition could be used, but I’d like to know how to use my intuition to help create success.

Right then I realized that “intuition” is really misunderstood… still.

Let me back up here for just a second and say that I’ve been working with people and their energy for about 30 years now. In that time, I’ve watched people learn to connect with their intuition — their inner wisdom — in many ways. I’ve also watched our energetic experience as a whole transform in its own evolution.

The evolution of intuition.

30 years ago my intuitive experience was all about spirituality. And most of the people I met were on that same path.

The conversations we were having were about personal growth and awareness, to heal the wounds of our past. Most of the work we were doing was to help ourselves, and others, heal what was wounded. Entrenched in that was a sense of victimization. And success, especially work success, was typically considered outside the realm of spirituality.

Fast forward to now, to where we have undergone immense changes in our consciousness.

There has been a shift in our own energetic ability to connect with higher frequencies. We have developed a new understanding of how we interact with vibrational information as influencers. We have grown up spiritually.

Our spiritual work is to show up as equals partners to Source — to lead our own lives forward.

Showing up and living your life aligned with your true nature is how you thrive.

Now-a-days, your focus is not just about healing your past. In fact, energetically speaking, most of your attention is on what you are creating. And if you are feeling stuck, you may be looking in the wrong direction.

You, stepping into your success, is vital for your creative energy to flourish. And, it’s your intuition that is the bridge between the vibrational information that is always streaming through you and you understanding that, and putting it into action.

In my mind, your intuition is only going to help you create success right now.

Intuition and awareness are what will drive your success.

There has been a clear re-emergence of the powerful feminine archetype show up lately. Women everywhere are showing up and stepping up into their power. And although there is a spiritual level to this shift, the growth is about personal power.

What’s going on is a re-aligning and re-positioning of women in the workforce and in our communities to show up as leaders who hold Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Ambitious women are waking up in new ways. And that’s a good thing. Their ambition is an asset. What they may not fully recognize is that their intuition and inner wisdom are also important everyday tools.

Awakening to your intuition is vital to assist you on your unique journey, to get you where you want to get to.

To create new things, speak new ideas into the world, and infuse those around you with possibilities, you simply cannot work off an old road map or someone else’s gameplan as your reference point and guide to what you should do and how you should do it.

Learning to listen within, and then translating what you know into clear and aligned action, is what you need to cultivate as a skill set here. You, learning to use your own intuition and inner awareness as your internal GPS is a critical piece of your success.

Success and intuition do go hand in hand. That’s part of what’s shifting here too.

Working through the fear.

When you first tune into your own inner guidance, it can be terrifying. Confusion around what direction you are to take is often the launching pad to this journey. And fear seeps in, especially if you can’t see the bigger version of you down the road, and what life looks like from that perspective.

The message is, focus on what’s ahead and align to your success.

Stepping into the greatest version of you will ease the confusion and the fear. You’ve got to get out of your box — what’s known to you — to even begin to see what you need to see. If you can’t, you will simply create more of the same.

How do you get there?

Well, it’s time to break through the limiting beliefs that you have of yourself and find that bigger version of who you are.

It’s time to listen to your intuition and realize it can be a factor in your success. Learning how to connect with your own inner wisdom and then creating a bridge from that into the right action is what will move you forward and into a thriving, successful life these days.

And, it’s time to reach for what you desire… and show up to that.

There’s healing in saying yes to this as a process. And, there may be work to do so you can vibrationally hold this level of personal power and see yourself in this bigger way.

Women everywhere are realizing that their wisdom must be put to better use… to serve and change the world. And thus, there are a whole lot of “everyday women” getting ready to make an ambitious change, and leap into something new.

If you find yourself standing on this new platform, realizing that you too have something bigger to do and that your voice is needed to help shape your world — the world — then it’s time to leap.

Know this, however: it’s your intuition that what will guide to where you need to be. Learn to use it not only as a healing tool but also as a tool to successfully find your way along your own unique life journey.

The more you listen, the more you trust. The more you trust, the easier it gets to find your way.

If you want a few tips on how to integrate your inner widosm with your everyday hustle, I wrote an e-book called 6 Transformational Life Lessons. Less Struggle. More Awareness. Because You’ve Got Stuff to Do. You can grab your copy here.

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