Here Is The Perfect Solution To Increasing Space In Your Tiny Apartment !

Meet BedShelfie: a minimalist nightstand that stores your phone, remote and other bedside items when you need a little more space in life.

Living in a small home with a tiny bedroom can easily get cluttered but it’s where you wake up and and fall asleep each and every day, so it has a big impact on keeping an open and clear mind.

The Back Story. The BedShelfie was dreamed up by Chris Eng, a former Disney Park Designer who was inspired by the magic of living with less. Some combination of constantly moving around for work and reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” inspired Chris to free himself of his clunky furniture starting with where he started and finished his day, everyday.

From working at Disney, he knew the best design accomplished multiple goals. To replace the nightstand the solution had to be equal parts beautiful, sturdy, easy to use and eco-friendly.

“My first ‘aha’ moment came when studying the incredible strength and versatility of the time-tested clamp mechanism. The design question, at hand, became finding a way to translate the strength of something that was traditionally metal, into something both beautiful and eco-friendly.”

Today he’s excited to release the BedShelfie on Kickstarter. The end result is an innovative and practical design that allows it to fit on nearly any bed frame. Using a clamping system, it’s capable of holding up to 15 pounds of your most important bedside items within your arm’s reach.

The BedShelfie has thick felt padding on the clamp touchpoints to prevent your bed from getting marred and our favorite feature is a custom wire slot for easy device charging. When not in use, the nightstand can be removed from your bed for saving valuable space.

It’s handcrafted out of bamboo, which delivers a solid construction, beautiful and one-of-a-kind bamboo grain. Even though Bamboo is technically considered a grass, it’s harder than Oak and matures in just 3–5 years (vs 100 years for Oak). So it’s an incredible renewable, eco-friendly resource.

The BedShelfie currently comes in two color options a Natural Bamboo color or Black and you can pre-order for $35 at this link:

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