Coaching Culture in Business…

3 reasons why Coaching is a MUST have in your business…

Managers who neglect Coaching are missing out on an effective tool to develop their Employees. The most important relationship at work is that of a manager and their direct reports.

Many businesses in the UK have not taken to Coaching YET but that’s slowly changing and here’s why.

1. Increases Employee Engagement – Employees see that the business is investing in them by providing an invaluable space for personal development. It’s a great strategy for strengthening the relationship between a Manager and Employee which is arguably the most important relationship in any business.

2. Achieve Business Goals – With fierce competition for top talent in the UK, managers MUST spend spend time Coaching. It’s a must have not a nice to have. Development of talent is key to any business achieving its goals.

Apart from talent you need those who work hard and building their skillset is essential. Businesses with managers who Coach attract and retain the best talent.

Talent + Hardwork = Magic

3. Curious – Investigate don’t just congratulate – “well done can I ask what made you do that?” or “Wow you did a great job can you talk me through your thought process?” Coaching Managers listen and ask a lot of open ended questions. They are genuinely curious about their teams and invest a lot of time in them.

Invest in your people NOT just your shareholders.

Coaching will give you the competitive advantage.

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