Where does the noise come from? When does it become more than a moment but a way of life. For many that creeping sense of urgency becomes an unbearable burden that torments us from the second we wake until the moment we manage to sleep. We defer from the professionals because ultimately unless we chose to be medicated nothing will change. 

During the day it’s possible to keep your mind busy, it might be work, it might be the radio or even the television but when you have some quiet time it’s there. The irony is there is no quiet time, not for many and this way heavy on the soul. 

Years ago we might be considered thinkers, day dreamers even, but with the world we once knew growing up long gone and the reality of today’s fierce division ever present that little voice just gets louder. 
We check our phones as soon as we wake up and are greeted with alerts telling us about the latest attacks, the latest diseases and the day hasn’t even started. From there we turn the radio on while making the morning coffee and listen to that same news – the news that powerful people we voted in seek to defend our lives with more war, more cuts, higher taxes; the list goes on. 

That moment the noise in your head is growing again, feasting on the news, feasting on the misery and the gloom of the world, growing in size, getting louder and louder. Out the door and on the way to work we place our headphones on to drown out the noise for a few moments while commuting to work. The sounds you’re listening to distract the noise but with the angry drivers, the subway crushes, the spiraling costs of travel you know that noise is still feeding, never satisfied and always hungry for more.

During the day you work, you try and avoid the radio because all day long the commercials are telling you that you will die of cancer, you could have a heart attack and so on and so forth. Working tirelessly in a job you don’t love that pays a minimum wage and all so you can keep a roof over your head and food on the table but in the back of your mind you know you could lose your job at any moment and then what, that’s right, that noise in your heads just keeps feeding and growing.

In today’s age people are dropping like flies, mental health seems to be more prevalent than ever before yet the struggles just seem too much for too many. You know that noise in your head won’t just go away but can you coexist? You read about the ones who can’t everyday and prey you won’t be another casualty. =

Understanding is key, compassion and kindness is necessary if we are to become one and tackle the onslaught. Take a step back and accept what’s in front of you but do so with an open mind. Make a plan, make it just for that day and when the next one arrives then, do it again. Turn the tables on that noise in your head, use it to empower you, you are not just surviving that noise your co existing with it! 

You can use that noise to help others, help them understand how to use their noise. Take a stand, soon you won’t be alone, others will hold your hand as you hold theirs, in numbers you gain strength and with strength you can make change. 

Don’t lie down and accept defeat from the noise, don’t be another fallen soldier, stand tall together, make that noise work for you and let’s change the world together.