Computers, internet, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are some of the most discussed words in the tech world. But with the advent of automation and Artificial Intelligence, employees are more resistance to change in fear of losing jobs. Are you willing to transform this resistance to readiness? Well, Machine Learning is your ultimate solution; it is going to give you employees the golden ticket to the world of computers. Not sure what is Machine Learning? Want to know how this can help you and your organization? Let us get clear few facts about Machine Learning today.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning refers to the science where you do not program the computers to strictly act as per your commands. You make it more sensitive to situations, like self-driving cars, practical speech recognition and web search.

So is Machine Learning synonymous to Artificial Intelligence? Not really. It has its own and unique identity. Following are the areas where Machine Learning differs from Artificial Intelligence.
• Artificial Intelligence is a boarder term which includes Machine Learning. It has lot more under its umbrella.
• Machine Learning is a current application in place which gives machines more access to data to be able to learn on their own and operate according to situations.
• Artificial Intelligence is more theory. It deals with the study and plan about how to help systems handle any task efficiently with least manual intervention. Machine Learning helps Artificial Intelligence get to its goal with speed.

Why is Machine Learning important?

So why should you go for Machine Learning? How relevant it is in 2018? Machine Learning is significant for your career in the upcoming year because
• You need to secure your career-
As per a recent survey from Gartner, almost 3 million workers will have a ‘Robo Boss’ by 2018. This means the mid-level executives will no more be useful for these companies. So if you want to keep pace with the changing world and have a safe and secure job till you retire, Machine Learning is a must. Upgrade your learning skills in 2018 for a strong career.
• You want to be more productive-
Did you always find your job monotonous? Is it not that exciting dreaming which you studied engineering? If you are a senior leader, research and identify which technologies are relevant to your company. Let your engineers learn more about living objects. Help your employees shift from coding to application building, learn static languages like Scala and Java or dynamic languages like Javascript, ActionScript, Ruby on Rails. This will ensure as AI makes its way into your organization, you need not fire your employees rather engage them in more productive work.
• Create a win-win Situation with clients-
When you are getting into Machine Learning yourself and also are your employees, you are just not saving your job but also paving the path for more profits. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is critical to enhance customer experience. How? Because with machine learning you can deliver more products in less time; ensure high quality standards and right first time service. Companies resorting to these high end technologies will end up giving more than expected to their clients.
But what is a delighter today can become a necessity tomorrow. For this reason, continuous Machine Learning is a must.

How to go about it?

So should you leave all your work and return to college life? No need; there are lot of ways to go for Machine Learning side by side with your present job in the following ways:
• Through theatre and music- This is one of the innovative ways in which companies are helping their senior leaders in Machine Learning.
• Hire from outside- Some amount of recruitment is necessary to help your existing employees learn new skills. Companies are hiring people who are trained in cloud-native development, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), analytics and automation to spread the knowledge within the organization.
• Games- Let your employees learn through fun. Some of them have left colleges almost 20 years back and it may be tough for them to re-learn stuff. Gaming methodologies in which programs transform disagreements into solutions help leaders become more open to feedback.
• Design Thinking- This is another effective way for Machine Learning. In this process organizations assist employees to think as designers and not just as clerks performing the instructed tasks. This is the best way to Hire java programmers engaged in domains of engineering, medicine, business, architecture and painting where employees can think more about what can be done in future rather than what is the present trend.
• Online learning platforms- The best part about online Machine Learning is training is not limited to defined curriculum. You can almost provide infinite links to the employees to gather knowledge. Besides advantages like self-learning, online learning platforms also provide opportunities for practical projects; practical knowledge is always more effective than theoretical leanings.
So with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence will not mean losing job but realignment of the job. Opt for any of the above mentioned ways for Machine Learning and help your employees grow with your company.


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