Artificial Intelligence only replicates the pattern, coded by Developers. They do not have pure consciousness or feelings to understand the emotions of humans. And without it, AI will never be successful to take our jobs, until it truly gains consciousness or is able to comprehend the aspect of emotions. It means AI is not magical. It only does things for which it is built for.

The hype regarding the fear of AI will replace our jobs is pretty real though. The chaos is getting bigger and makes human scare about replacing them from their jobs with AI.

The real question is: Can AI really become so advanced to take over our jobs? The answer is NO! According to the analysis of Parker Software director “Howard Williams” that AI is cosmically far away to replace our jobs due to continuous failures. For more information, read this comprehensive analysis below.

Why AI Is Not Ready to Replace Our Jobs in Multiple Industries

Health Care

AI is gaining prominence in all industries; even doctors are horrified by this new technology. It is used for assisting in fields like genomics, tests, and oncology, which sounds spectacular. However, in none of the medical fields, AI actually manages to live up to expectations.

I have even found some evidence that may fall on you like a bombshell. Recently some documents revealed that “IBM’s Watson AI” recommended false treatments for a deadly disease like cancer.

The Watson AI failed to run its basic functions. Instead of providing valuable recommendations based on the patient condition, it recommended opposite suggestions to make the condition more critical.

The above incident shows that even the most proficient AI technology can make huge errors, which makes it untrustworthy. Moreover, being a doctor does not mean just to diagnose the disease and treat it. Humans need emotional support too, which AI cannot provide.

This emotional support varies based on the severity of the disease and mood of the patient. Therefore, AI technology is failing greatly due to no understanding what emotions are and how simple polite gestures can help patient survive and boost their will power to tackle deadly illnesses.


The Hospitality industry has also been quite upset regarding the introduction of AI. However, there is nothing to worry about, at least currently.  

For instance, if you use AI for a bartending job. What is the basic job for a bartender? Pick up a glass and make the drink a customer ordered. Very basic, but it is not the only a job bartender does.

As a bartender the aspect of emotion and behavior, according to customer moods matters. If the customers do not get the required attention, then the bar will eventually start losing its customers.

Therefore, there is no way AI can manage work without humans. The only way right now where AI can be successful in the hospitality industry is in factual and logical based jobs, like offering a warm welcome to the customers at the door, or streamlining the reserving process in cafés and bars.

In short, neither in the healthcare nor in the hospitality industry implementation of AI can replace humans to get appropriate results. There is no way for developers to make AI understand the complexity of emotions and actual consciousness.  

Customer Service

Those times are gone when businesses only manufactured products to sell it in the marketplace. Due to a highly competitive market, business organizations are always trying to get in touch with their customers.

So is there any success of AI in the customer service industry? The answer is again, NO. Recently a new AI called “Fabio” was introduced in the Scottish Super Store that lasted only one week. It failed because it started confusing and scaring customers.

This is one of the biggest examples of AI failure, which gives us an important note that AI can never be successful alone when it comes to customer service.

Not only that, AI also fails in assisting customers on different websites and apps. There are multiple examples where AI in apps and websites failed to understand the query. Alternatively, they failed to respond completely.

The only way AI technology succeeds in customer service is by assisting human beings. This represents that AI technology alone is a complete failure, although it can be a very good assistant to complete the job efficiently.

Daily Life

Using AI assistance in our daily life with the help of multiple IOT devices shows a great failure. It does not threaten the jobs, but it exposes the poor capabilities of AI in detail.

A major reason for AI failure in daily life is due to voice recognition. Even one of the most mature AI assistants have lost their minds or “coding”. Take Amazon’s Alexa for instance to demonstrate how AI is continuously failing.

In the video below, a toddler wants to listen to his favorite poem, and due to failing voice recognition, it starts searching for adult content.

So it is clear that AI assistants are still struggling to differentiate between toddler and adult voices. Alexa, however, is not the only one facing this recognition issue. Many AI assistants encounter troubles in deciphering voices.

The new AI assistant introduced by LG called “Cloi” repeatedly failed to respond to requests. This shows that AI still needs a lot of time to get mature and become a reliable assistance to use.

Summing it Up

The rumors regarding AI taking over the common man’s livelihood is quite overhyped. News channels, bloggers, tech organizations and journalists, thirsty for fame are trying to develop an fear of AI. While there is always a broader purpose to serve, AI for now can only work best in conjunction with us homo sapiens. After all, we are the people behind the creation!