Coffee is not inherently BAD for you, it’s just a habit for a lot of people, and there may not be a lot of thought around it to start with.

First of all, get honest and ask yourself this:

How much coffee are you actually drinking per day?

How does coffee actually make you feel?

Physically:  your digestion or breathing patterns.

Mentally: can you focus or do you feel wired?

Emotionally: does it get you on a high, or overthink situations and/or conversations?

Why do you drink coffee?

Is it because everyone else is drinking it?

It’s just a habit, just what you do and now you can’t go back?

Do you feel like you NEED coffee to function? #butfirstcoffee

There’s definitely a few things that you could just bring awareness to, to start with, if you’re even questioning whether the coffee is good or bad for you.


Definitely one thing that a lot of people are affected by, or maybe not. That was one very obvious thing for me. I noticed how my digestion would change after having a coffee, usually very quickly!

Coffee also really dehydrates us, so drinking plenty of water is really important to help out our digestive system and for brain function, reducing cravings and boosting energy.


If you have a tendency to overthink things, feel anxious or get really stressed at work or social situations, then usually I find that these tendencies are exacerbated with coffee.

If I’m in a social situation, it’s best not to have coffee because the overthinking goes on overdrive, and suddenly I’m taking things personally (in other words, the opposite to the benefits for Meditation and the old Julia comes out)

Your mood and your tendency to feel stressed or anxious, are certainly something to consider if asking whether coffee is a good idea.


You’ve got options! I have explored many and now I am okay to be that person that orders a turmeric latte or a matcha. There are so many delicious options now.

Let me also just point out that a turmeric latte doesn’t taste like a curry. It looks yellow because of the turmeric, but it tastes delicious like a chai, or something like that, so I recommend trying it and the health benefits are sky high!

Tea is also pretty underrated. I love green tea because it does have a little caffeine in it and it also has L-theanine which calms the nervous system and actually allows you to focus more, so it may boost your energy a little and then it allows (with that calming factor) to have more single-pointed focus, so I recommend green tea as a goodie in the morning, perhaps as a coffee altnernative.

Really that’s it.

Coffee itself is not actually bad for you, in fact it does have some benefits, had in small quantities. It’s the hard core reliance that so many of us have on the stuff.

Like everything diet related, it’s different for everyone. That’s one this I really push in my coaching!

I challenge you to bring your awareness to your coffee consumption as a habit and feel free to reach out and talk to me about it.

I’ve been up and down with coffee for a few years, and it’s an interesting topic to talk about, and often like an entry into paying attention to how your food and beverage choices make you feel.

Get in touch or leave a comment below, always love to hear from you!

Go well xx

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