The dilemmas around sexuality in our culture abound. We often repress our true desires, confused about our fantasies, guilt and shame forcing us to detach them from our relationships and using the internet to avoid intimacy.

But some couples today are finding ways to use cyber-sex to avoid distancing and create more intimacy in their relationships.

Sometimes cyber sex creates the illusion of sexual variety, without the complications of real time infidelity. Viewing imagery on the internet can prevent cheating for those who don’t want to have sex outside their primary relationship with real people in the flesh.

They believe that viewing imagery is not actual infidelity and therefore is not a betrayal to their monogamy agreement. They can siphon off urges to be with other people, while avoiding the damage to their relationship that an affair can cause.

Some use pornography as sex education, as a way to learn how to make love to their partners. Others use it as a tool to increase desire, sharing porn with their spouse, integrating the erotic charge by viewing pornography together.

When does sex online help a relationship and when does it hurt? When does cyber sex cross the ethical line?

What do you think?

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