Fear comes in all flavors, shapes, and sizes and your fears are completely unique to you.  So although we can generalize and say that people have a fear of success or a fear of rejection, the causes behind those fears are based upon our own experiences of life.

For instance, when I was young I used to dream of being a professional dancer, singer, and actress.  Going on stage was what really lit me up and made me feel the most Me.  And to this day, if you ask me to sing for you I’ll do it without hesitation – I absolutely adore it!

To most people though, speaking or performing on a stage is one of the scariest things they can be asked to do.  All sorts of memories of being ridiculed as you got the answer wrong in school have meant that standing up and speaking – of putting yourself out there – brings back those same feelings that you had a child.  

But when you let the feelings that you had a child dictate your actions as an adult, you’re letting your 6-year-old self run your life.

So tell me, if you had a 6-year-old tugging on your shirt, telling you what to do and demanding that you act in a particular way, would you listen to that 6-year-old or would you say “back off kid! You’re not the boss of me!”

One of the biggest things that we have to master as successful high-achieving entrepreneurs, no matter how successful we currently are, is to allow ourselves to feel the fear but not allow ourselves to change our actions because of it.  Doing that generally results in inaction, or making choices that aren’t in alignment with our ultimate goal.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that to live the very best life and to grow the very best business we can, we need to make “taking action when scared our most important mission”.   And for a lot of people, this is definitely true.  

But you can move through it even faster if you make peace with the fear and neutralize it.  

If the fear is lessened, the way through it is easier. And I love easy!

The Fear of Success is one of those sly fears that threaten our growth and ability to breakthrough because it hides under the guise of being something different.  

It can show up as procrastination, tiredness, or ill-health.  It can also trigger the Upper Limit issues that send you hurtling back to where you once were.

On a conscious level, you want to breakthrough, but subconsciously you fear everything on the other side of that.  

You fear what you’ll lose as a result of getting what you want.

I invite you to really look at your situation and determine both the good and the bad aspects of your achieving your goals.  You might just find the reason that you’ve been stuck for so long.

You’re a powerful entrepreneur so don’t let anything stand in your way of having the income and impact you’re here for.


  • Janet Mohapi-Banks

    Breakthrough Coach

    Janet Mohapi-Banks Coaching

    Janet Mohapi-Banks is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Breakthrough Coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs.  Mixing Mindset, Metaphysics and Energy Work, Janet helps her clients to break through their glass ceilings to reach their next level of success and fulfillment. This enables them to reach their fullest potential which generally manifests as more money, better relationships with themselves and others and a happier, more fulfilled life.

    Before becoming a coach Janet was an award-winning luxury cake designer at the top of her field but she overworked so badly that she almost died after developing a life-threatening digestive disorder. 

    After 5 years of being ill, and having prepared her will and arranged her affairs, Janet was thankfully fixed by a chiropractor so with this second chance of life it is her mission to help others awaken to the power they have to reach the levels of success they dream of without the stress, struggle and near-death experience.