Is it going to be a beautiful day?


It’s not going to be a beautiful day today if that’s just one of our wishes, thought about barely consciously.

Things happen out of ordinary only if backed by proactive measures.

So, if our ordinary is stress-filled, negative days, it’s only going to be an out-of-ordinary happy day today if we do something to make that happen.

Any change requires effort. And any substantial and innate change happens out of a process and not an event.

Just waking up in the morning and claiming that it’s going to be a perfect day today isn’t going to make things right… Not at least if you’ve been living a routine for months and years that makes you unhappy.

It’s not going to be a beautiful day automatically. Things won’t turn upside-down and you will feel ecstatic today when just yesterday you were in a terrible state.

It won’t happen out of wishful thinking. It won’t happen just because we “want” it.

It takes an awful lot of effort to make every day beautiful.

This is the reason, after all, why most people just say they want it but they don’t really get it. Because it demands efforts. The great the trouble we are in at the moment, the greater the efforts will it require.

So, many of us just find it easier to make excuse, complains, and ponder over negative things rather than just do things to make themselves happy.


  • If we’re not ready to suffocate bad habits out of us.
  • If we’re not ready to give up the comfort of that person that always spreads negative energy.
  • If we’re not ready to stop listening to our “favorite song” that always makes us sad and unhappy.
  • If we’re not ready to be grateful for everything that we have.
  • If we don’t stop expecting things from others and become more self-reliant.
  • If we’re not ready to make a change that our heart desperately demands.
  • If we’re not ready to be aware of one simple fact: Life is a waste if we’re not happy.

The day spans for 16 hours before we’re back on the bed. Casually thinking that it’s going to be a beautiful day in the first minute of the first hour means NOTHING. We still have the remaining 15 hours and 58 seconds. These hours require more than just words and affirmations. They require desperate efforts to make them beautiful.

It’s a process. It’s a tough process for people who are chronically pessimists. And the transition takes time.

But then it’s so much worth it to cover this process and get on the other side of the rope.

Beautiful days are prized processions. Only those who work hard for them deserve them.