So yesterday as the world opened up a little again I lay in my bed daydreaming about the time we had moved through and the levels of healing that came up for alot of us as we moved through the layers of ourselves and actually had the space to breath through the symptoms of growing pains as we birthed out of the old self into the possibility of the new.

Like most of us our healing was as different as our fingerprints to each of us unique and individual but collectively we all moved through a something we hadn’t moved through before .

My healing came in the realisation I was loving so many aspects of the love I found in lockdown ,for me I’ve never felt more connected to family,kindred,strangers, and soul mates the world over ,watch parties wow!!!!galore !!! Amazing people doing amazing things out there ,we found our inner hero and heroine, some found the villian that they didn’t know was lurking inside them as we all played out the interplay of light and shadow either in ourselves or with those in our space, for some of us we revealed aspects of ourself and the hidden subconscious came surfacing like a kite in the wind ready to go up and out of us .

It’s been deeply healing,insightful, delicious and important to us all to have been given the gift of this moment however painful ,tragic or challenging its been in your own version of it with you we have all come out stronger and more appreciative of our life and every breath we take in it than ever before .

Beauty finds us in the silence and the pause between the in and out breath and says welcome ,come home to yourself TODAY it’s been a while .

So right now Is it just me? I really am not ready to emerge into the world again just yet and the chaos of the noise ,the mess ,the humanity.

I’m happy in the quiet and solitude and the sanctuary of me where all I can hear is the echo in my self thoughts and universal peace speaking to me and through me,I bet I’m not the only one ,my healing came at the end of this time just as movement came back in the world I went more into retreat digesting,absorbing and integrating the depths of my own unhealed unresolved and unknown parts of me that have been reclaimed now from other spaces in time,I have been healing the words that went unsaid and the pain that went in rather than came out in the moment whilst I was loving another and actually abandoning me all in the same moment.

So healing released I can feel myself being so tender and gentle with me teddy bear soft and duvet blanket protection as I nurture myself a little longer and alot more than I see I’ve done over the years.

How about you? I hope your healing,restoring and releasing into the relaxed new you before we emerge out again.

Just breath and say “Thank you love” your awesome and I am going to love you alot more just to yourself TODAY.


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