Can we take meditation & Universal Law teachings to children worldwide and make an impact?

YES!! I believe it’s possible and that’s why I am launching MasterMind4Kids!

MasterMind4Kids is a project targeted for orphan and inner city kids worldwide providing a unique hybrid of teachings that I found successful in my own personal journey; meditation, connecting to God, Universal Laws, and a mentor. The combination of these opened my eyes to a new way of life where freedom, growth, and joy are possible!

After feeling and seeing the difference in myself by aligning with my inner power, the idea for MasterMind4Kids was born. I felt a powerful call to share this with orphan children under the age of 9 and inner city kids. After speaking to several experts in psychology & neurology, I discovered that our perceptions and views as adults are seeded before we turn 9 years old. Imagine that??

So that’s when the idea became clearer to me, by targeting 9 years and under the impact on their future will be significant & positive.

Mastermind4Kids is a solution based project that will enable kids to use their own internal guidance system for living a happy, thriving life & end the cycle of poverty! As adults we know the benefits of meditating daily and aligning ourselves. If you meditate, you understand the power behind this.

Recently, I received great feedback on a Facebook post where I asked what benefits people were experiencing from meditation. I received such responses as improved sleeping patterns, more patience, increased energy, clarity, and awareness, focus, emotional stability, mindfulness of reactions and actions, and connecting to their spiritually. Now, let’s use our imagination and apply these positive effects for kids. BOOM!! My mind is blown every time I think about it.

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Neuroscience studies have shown implementing a meditation practice with children results in improved grades in school, self control, and kinder, happier children. That translates to decreased violence and crimes because as the children grow up, they do not have a need for negative outbursts and are more mindful of their actions. They will have balance from an early age into adulthood.

Our work will start by using the MindUp framework that was founded by The Hawn Foundation. After 13 years of scientific research, they have built a curriculum that teaches kids about their brain, how to be mindful, positive psychology, and social and emotional competencies. After speaking to Laurie Coots, CEO of the Hawn Foundation, I felt MindUp was in alignment to start the MasterMind4Kids own hybrid curriculum.

The positive effects are limitless long term when it comes to improved statistics and witnessing increased acts of kindness. We must imagine these same children 5–10 years in the future and the process that takes them to the right people and encounters, preventing them from getting entangled in negative situations. The Law of Attraction will be demonstrated here to the children and encourage them to maintain this lifestyle. The ultimate goal is for the children to be happy as they grow up and understand they can continue doing good in this world regardless of the political & social climate around them.

Will you join me on this mission & help spread the word? Ideas grow stronger when they are shared! And let’s be honest, this will take a village to get off the ground.

By sharing this project with your community, it will mean uplifting the lives for hundreds of children & their caretakers. We can make a difference in a positive direction. Help us start the conscious awareness!

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Thank you for your support!

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