Do your devices make your life #easier or #morechallenging?
Have you ever just wanted to be device-free? You have a
plethora of “smart” devices and apps that facilitate your life’s
work, keep you on track and on time, turn on the lights and
TV, and shut them down. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an
app or device that allowed you to master self-care the smart

As a business owner, employee, consultant, or student,
you work long hours and probably take little time for yourself.
The time is now to get “smart,” and start by forming a digital
detox (yes from those amazing devices and apps that you
cannot live without).

The power of five
Try these five easy steps to regain your time and energy,
while getting “smart” about self-care:

  1. Think about the communication tools you use and
    select one! Then, request your clients to use that
    tool to communicate with you.
  2. Set parameters for time online; you do it for your
    kids, and you should do it for yourself.
  3. Schedule breaks for yourself; even 15 minutes per
    day will make a huge difference in how you feel
    and your performance.
  4. Add mindfulness to your routine while walking and
  5. Make a gratitude list; think about people, places,
    and things that bring you joy.


  • Sharon M. Weinstein

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    "Life Balance…it is what I do and who I am," says Sharon M. Weinstein! And, she should know since she wrote the award-winning book on the subject! Sharon educates and trains in high-stress industries like healthcare, hospitality, and human capital. She shows them how to achieve life balance which drives safety, satisfaction, and success. Often referred to as a Stressbuster for her ability to identify stressors and solutions, Sharon is recognized globally for her ability to empower others to Reclaim their Lives, Reduce their Stress, and Reach their Goals! She combines real-life stories with substance and conversational techniques that immediately resonate with the audience. Sharon holds the coveted Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers. This makes her one of only seventeen percent of all speakers to hold this designation and one of only 3 nurses in the world with the combined CSP/Fellow of the Academy of Nursing credential. Sharon is a Sharecare Academy of Judges Chair for Healthy Living.