slow down

My 3-year-old got me sick last week. It was a bad cold that took me out for most of the week.

During this time, I couldn’t focus much, so I read a few light novels and mostly stared into space willing my sinuses to get their act together.

And it was….great actually.

Because in all that empty space, I realized that I’ve been on “drive” mode for months. So concentrated on keeping up with the kids and building at work that I’ve gotten sloppy with my health and friendships. (And I had no idea.)

And while I mostly enjoyed that focused time, it’s still dangerous to never take a true break, even from things you love.

You can’t see if your life is unbalanced if you never slow down enough to look.

So, when was the last time you took a true break?

Not an hour locked in your closet or a semi-outing where you prep all the food for your kids and hubby.

But an honest to goodness, “I don’t have to do anything all day” break.

Or at least an “I’m doing the bare minimum today, and that’s ok” kind of day.

It may feel like something will collapse if you’re not holding it all together, but it won’t. (Think of it as helping others to step up)

You have to let off the gas to hear that voice deep inside of you. Because that voice usually has something important to say, and we’ve got to remember to make room for enjoying life too.

So, give yourself a chance to re-balance, check in on your purpose, and benefit from a happiness boost too.

What can you do during your self-prescribed time off?

If you need a few ideas, try…

  • Reading a light book
  • Going on a lot of nature walks
  • Sitting in the sun enjoying a nice day
  • Enjoying a date with your partner, kids, or friends
  • Journaling about anything that pops into your head

In Conclusion

Is it just my family, or is mom always the one who gets sick too? Leave a comment and let me know if this is how it is in your home! And then let me know how you’ll be taking time for yourself soon.

Because I think you may have a tickle in your throat. You might be coming down with something and you should probably go lay down. ?