With Spring Time just around the corner for those of us that live down under, there is no better way to achieving specific body and mind outcomes that committing yourself to a body and mind transformation challenge.

So how do you start?

Select a set period of time in which you are willing to put yourself first and dedicate yourself to setting out some intentions and goals and sticking to a game plan. Whether you are focused on increasing your self care regime, losing some weight, increasing strength, reducing anxiety, the goals don’t matter – its about setting the right intention and focusing on yourself.

When it comes to achieving specific results quickly and efficiently then there is no better way than to commit yourself to a body transformation challenge.

This means selecting a set period of time in which you are willing to dedicate yourself to achieving the results you are after by sticking to a specific diet plan and workout regime.

Here are some of the benefits:

Sign yourself up to a program that aligns with your values and what you want to achieve. Having support through a personal trainer or a holistic health coach ensures that you will show up every day and focus on goals that are individual to you. In addition you get encouragement, support and someone to kick your butt if you decide to put up barriers or constraints.


Putting a set timeframe in place allows you to free up all the excuses that you may make, get the support from your family and friends, and allows you to make the time that you will need to focus on your goals without the guilt. It allows you to chase your goals with dedication and focus and know that there is an end result if you stick to your game plan.


How do you know how well you are doing if you do not keeping track? If you are focusing on body transformation, tracking nutrition, body measurements, progress photos, and health and fitness tests are a great way to manage progress.

If you are focusing on self care and building up practices like meditation or self care rituals, journalling and reflecting on your experiences showcase just how far you come in a short period of time.

Assessing and reflecting for a few moments each day means that you can get support to alter what you need to if a plateau has occurred or if you need a boost in motivation to keep you on track

Love to hear more about how you transform your body – mentally, physically and spiritually


  • Helen Reed

    Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Transformation Coach

    Business Owner, Thought Provoker and Entrepreneur focused on holistic approach to mind body well being. Feature as a best selling author of "She Made it Happen" (2017) and recently launched a Corporate Women's Tribe - Motivated Mindful and Moving Women to build and drive positive connections of all like minded women

    She is a corporate businesswoman, a mum and owns her own business - Kappatalize Wellness.  She recently launched a Womens Tribe - Motivated Mindful & Moving Women for women who are overwhelmed and want to learn how to live their most authentic self by focusing on their health and well being through fitness, nutrition, natural living and mindfulness.

    She has worked in the corporate and consulting world for 15 years, focusing on how people shift their mindset when faced with challenging work environments.

    She is a successful motivational speaker and has even authored a chapter in the best selling series "She Made it Happen: 22 inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs around the world"

    She is also the owner of Kappatalize Wellness - a fitness, health and wellness business, where she works with both men and women to help them live the best life they possibly can, with a focus on healthy living through exercise, nutrition, mindset, mindfulness  and wellness programs.

    She is a qualified Change & Project Manager,  Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Trainer, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, NLP Certified and Mindfulness Certified Coach.

    When she is not working or running her own business, she is spending time with her young family, exercising, taking on challenging outdoor adventures,  playing and watching sports and living life :-)