Feeling stuck in life is not unusual. Success may be desired, but different levels come with “new devils.” Finding the courage to pursue your dreams is one thing. Swimming with the sharks is another. So if you find yourself stuck as you climb higher:

Is It Time to Trust What You Know?

I can already hear you say, “Alesha if I knew what to do, I wouldn’t be stuck.” While there is some truth to that, the reality is the root of your freedom always lies in what you know. Let me explain.

Often we feel pressured by the unknown and are in a constant flux of trying to learn more. More classes, workshops, programs, degrees, certifications, etc. In this influx, we often forget the core of what we do know. This forgetfulness is what cost us dearly.

If you have ever launched or executed anything, at your core is the belief of self. I don’t care how scared, anxious, or fearful you were, in order to go from a thought to action, you have to have a certain measure of belief in yourself. You would not go out and act on your idea or vision if you truly believed that you would fail. While you know failure is a possibility, you acted because you believed you could pull it off.

Sure, other factors need to accompany your actions, such as planning, strategy, a team, resources, etc., but your belief and trust in yourself is the accelerant and oil that creates sheer magic.

If you find yourself feeling stuck at this moment, know this:

  • You can and will get unstuck. You’ve done it before; trust in your ability to free yourself again.
  • Focus on what you know. You know that doing nothing doesn’t work. You also know that you need help, and this is not a solo job. Act on what you know by taking small strategic steps.
  • Things always appear worse than they actually are. Life can hand us some pretty challenging circumstances, but things typically appear worse than they actually are. There’s wartime vs. game time. Know which one you are in and move accordingly.

If you feel stuck, now is not the time for negative self-talk, replaying past failures, or beating yourself up. Oh, and please do not go to the pity-party-negativity squad to co-sign your fears. Negative people have a solution for everything, and it will keep you stagnant in inactivity and lead you to where dreams die. You deserve better. 

It is time to trust what you know. Greatness always starts there.