Mindful awareness is picking up steam. Is it the latest craze or here to stay?

Mindfulness is gaining popularity and if you’re skeptical, it’s not a fad.

Acceptance, compassion, connection, paying attention, self-awareness, and awareness of our circumstances are timeless.

The reason why the ancient practice of mindfulness is really picking up steam….

We no longer have a choice.

The current state of our health, planet, etc. proves that being mindful has not been a priority.

Now, we must become more Aware. Connected. Focused. Thoughtful. Kind. Intentional. Resourceful.

We’re witnessing the revolution of our time, the revolution of consciousness.

Mindfulness is merely a catalyst. And this practice will help solve the laundry list of hurdles that we collectively face.

When we’re paying close attention to what’s really going on within and around us, we can make deliberate decisions that serve our evolution…

Everything else is simply a misuse of our time.

It doesn’t matter if we’re focused on our personal evolution, the evolution of an endeavor, or social evolution…

They are connected. What we do in one, directly impacts the other.

While the concept might click, you might also wonder:

We’re inundated with distractions, is it really possible to find our way out of this forest of unfocus, and still keep up?

Will cultivating awareness truly impact us, our endeavors, and benefit the greater good?

Mindfulness, without a doubt, impacts our ability to be well, fix what is broken, and optimize.

But, it’s not a magic pill. We have to practice. The magic comes from the practice. And when we do, sustainable progress happens.

Originally published at medium.com