On the long drive home from a neighboring city’s international airport, the contemplative and melancholy muddied notes of Pink’s What About Us from her new album Beautiful Trauma began to play on the radio.

I turned it up full volume because I was in a brooding mood.

Back from a restful stay with European ex-pat friends in Tucson, Arizona, I couldn’t get Michael’s sarcastic words out of my head on the plane or now, “Yes, we’re the richest third-world country in the world. We have no universal healthcare, the only civilized country not to; no gun regulation to speak of, and this country feeds off its own.”

I sighed, weary again. Nothing I didn’t already know—I’ve been screaming ‘Rome is burning’ for several years now.

But to hear it out of a European’s mouth (using my words now) that our nation is bleeding profusely from its gaping, unhealed wounds—bringing about our demise if we keep this up. It hurt.

It has been a long road. Maybe you feel the same way. You may be beyond tired of living in a world that spews out one injustice after another. You may even feel numb.

Navigating this life, trying to do the right thing— It was supposed to get better, right? Easier.

Doesn’t technology and access to more information than ever before thanks to the Internet bring about a wiser population that no longer tolerates the abuse and exploitation of one another and the planet?

Yet, the mistreatment continues, even sometimes, at the hands of our own disillusioned brothers and sisters making a statement about the society we’ve built.

Wait for it . . . Please enjoy the song.

I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long. Quickly electrified by Pink—the voice of reason exploding out of the darkness—maybe I’d be made to see something new.

Alecia Beth Moore (Pink’s real name) didn’t disappoint. Immediately a clear, resonant voice bounced off the heavy clouds suspended low in the dusky sky like the searchlight mentioned in her opening lyrics.

Where is our happily ever after? What about our plans, trust, answers, love—

What about us?

What is she talking about and who is she talking to? Congress? The global elite? God?

Although the video makes its case, Billboard Magazine’s, Colin Stutz wrote in his article: “That unclear question in the song is essential to its brilliance, says Johnny McDaid, who co-wrote the song with Pink and his frequent collaborator producer Steve Mac.”

McDaid, went on to say, “…these ideas come out and what the ideas are for Alecia are probably different to even the person hearing it.”

The song is really moving now and getting my blood pumping.

Pink is asking questions and demanding answers. Enough is enough, before the chorus repeats.

Asking questions is the beginning of change—the beginning of expanding your mind and opening to a higher consciousness.

Are you asking questions? Is what we are doing sustainable? Are we going to continue to support limited, self-serving ideals?

But then the song’s bridge, and a rush of anticipated relief . . .

No matter what, you can’t break me! The awakening begins.

It’s not about control; it’s about letting go. Opening your heart as wide as possible to create a world that is inclusive rather than the pain-filled world of exclusivity.

A world filled with unconditional love. Yes!

A collaborative world—no more self-created suffering and abuse through competing for what we were given as a gift.

It’s time to ask ourselves if it’s better to fight to preserve a world that’s no longer working or if we are ready to travel down a new road to a better way.

The song’s driving beat has me singing along, my own lyrics forming in my mind. No more blood (war), sweat (servitude), and tears (sacrifice). We just didn’t know any better. Those who did exploited the hell out of it for profit.

I’m awake now, there’s no going back. I get it! My strength, grace, power, wisdom all come from within. I see it! I see you. You get it, too! We are all one. What I do for you, I do for myself!

Relief. No more struggle when we work together.

Are you ready? Yes, I’m ready.

I invite you to join me and others already rebuilding this beautiful world. A world where we thrive and no one is left behind.

A world where there is . . .

Loving cooperative sharing of resources between neighbors.

Joyful community building.

Peaceful and transparent governance.

Freedom to discover and express yourself.

Prosperity without limits for all.

What about you?

Get Ready

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Originally published at www.yourbrilliantfutureherenow.com