Entrepreneurs are taught to primarily focus on strategy, as we live in the world that prioritizes “doing”. Actions make us feel better by creating perceived security and safety. As long as we are doing something, we believe ourselves to be more in control.

Most entrepreneurs heavily invest in learning different marketing and business strategies. However, if you are an entrepreneur who is spending most of your time implementing them, but you are still not reaching the number of people you would like to help or making the money you want, you might be focusing on a wrong thing…

If marketing and selling feel like a non-stop battle, mentally and emotionally, and you struggle with consistently and confidently making posts and showing up on video, it might be time to pause and ask yourself what causes these blocks, instead of only using will power to get things done.

Most likely, this is no longer a strategy issue and pushing through to keep going will only lead to burnout and limit your growth in the long run, no matter how great the tools you are trying to implement are!

Especially if you are a person who has gone through an adverse life experience that has greatly impacted your self-image, beliefs and emotional state (consciously known to you or not). Having worked with many entrepreneurs who were surrounded by highly negative conditioning while growing up and have experienced deep emotional wounding or even trauma, I believe that these experiences create many more business challenges for them, compared to entrepreneurs who never went through such experiences and were raised in supportive loving environments, for example.

What seems like an equal playing field for all is not really that equal, if we consider these experiences. They sabotage our success and, more frequently than not, make strategy implementation disproportionately difficult. Especially when it comes to visibility, self-confidence and claiming one`s expertise.

Without taking into consideration these deeper root causes however, we are often told to just keep working harder, push through our fears, self-doubts and blocks and “do it anyways”. We hear that “it will get better with time” and that changing our mindset about selling, marketing or even money and success is going to solve it for us. As if changing deeply unconscious beliefs and whole “scenarios” that play out in our life and business on autopilot could just happen by using analytical mind and deciding alone!

I have observed and worked with many entrepreneurs who only got more exhausted, stressed and frustrated from following this advice. Many of them began to doubt themselves even more and started thinking of quitting their businesses all together.

However, building and running a business does not have to be a battle or emotional roller coaster even for people who have gone through difficult past experiences. Marketing and using any business strategies can come from a very different place and can become easier and even enjoyable, if we address the real reasons behind why we feel the way we feel about them.

Here are some recommendations that can help you permanently turn these blocks into wins:

  • You can start with discovering any negative life experiences, unconscious beliefs and general life scenarios that are affecting both your personal life and business, using subconsciously targeted modalities, such hypnosis and others.
  • You can address any unresolved mental associations and fears around marketing, selling or being visible, etc. that stem from those negative events.
  • To deepen this experience even more and make it permanent, you can put a special focus on releasing emotional and body memory (neurological patterning stored by our autonomic nervous system) that cause your current triggers. This will help you stop habitual emotional loops that keep reactivating any of those negative experiences neurochemically (since emotions are chemicals) on the level of the body, as well as the mind.

Using the combination of these techniques will allow you to go deeper than mindset work alone, addressing the root causes holistically, in order to create core-level transformation, so that you can:

– release the unconscious blocks that had been stopping you from implementing the strategies you learned, and finally so do so with more ease;

– use your time and energy in business more efficiently;

consistently show up online and confidently market your products or services;

– overcome your limitations and maximize your inner confidence to position yourself as an expert, increasing your revenue, impact and overall growth of your business.

It will also transform you and all your relationships, leading to a more fulfilled life and a business you can truly enjoy.

Making prioritizing you and your well-being the quickest path and “strategy” to your business success and the best investment in your future.