The prevalence of lifestyle diseases caused by obesity and overweight is rising at an
alarming rate, despite the relentless efforts of healthcare professionals to find the
solution. Recently, research revealed that triggering the body’s natural healing
mechanism works better than most drugs. Perhaps, this will bring an end to obesity and
give the affected hope of better health. The use of probiotics for weight loss, for instance,
remains a powerful means to fat metabolism.
You’ve probably heard people say that the human body contains both good bacteria
and harmful bacteria. The gut has various beneficial microorganisms which aid in the
digestion process and most importantly, the breakdown of fats. A comparison made
between the gastrointestinal system of an obese and healthy weight individual showed
that that of an obese person had few beneficial bacteria than that of an average weight
person. Introducing bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of overweight people showed a
significant decrease in their weight. These beneficial bacteria are also known as

1. They influence the metabolism of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)
When we take it carbohydrates, it reaches the stomach as polysaccharides which are
insoluble. This means if they are not broken down, they will be stored as fat causing
general adiposity. Probiotics step in to break them down into short chain fatty acids and
metabolize them by decreasing fat storage and increasing fat burning. Fatty acids are
therefore reduced in the blood and in turn weight loss is achieved.

2. They protect against insulin resistance
Insulin resistance is one of the diabetes and obesity causal factors. Insulin resistance is
when the body is unable to use glucose for energy. When this happens, excess glucose
accumulates in the blood. The body then stops the conversion of fatty acids into glucose
because it is already in excess. The end result of this is more fat in the body. The
excessive accumulation of lipids causes weight gain. Butyrate is one of the short chain
fatty acids produced by the stimulation of probiotics. It protects against insulin
resistance and ensures complete assimilation of nutrients by the body.

3. They prevent chronic, low-grade inflammation
Studies suggest that inflammation causes weight gain. Several factors may such as
allergic reaction may induce inflammation which causes short-term weight gain from
water. Probiotics prevent this, protecting the body against possible weight gain.
99% of clinical trials conducted on obese patients with probiotics supplementation
showed a significant decrease in their weight. Probiotics is an excellent start for those in
the weight loss journey.