For a long time, I have thought of getting one of my books to best-seller, either a current one or the next one, but the more I think of it, I think is it really the thing I want?

I have nothing against best-selling books and have I read my choice of books on both Amazon and the New York Times’ lists of best-sellers. I sit and think of the achievement of being on that list – again something to be congratulated upon and an honour – but has it become “the thing to do”?

Has it become normal to write a business book?
Has it become “the thing” to hit best-seller?
When you write a book if the goal is not to reach best-seller does that make you a lesser author?

All these questions have been on my mind.

I believe that being a best-selling author or having that title can open doors for you but that title isn’t the biggest thing about your book – your story and impact it has should rank higher.

Your story is the backbone of your book. Without it, you have facts and a bland book. Your story makes you unique and connects you with your audience. Nobody wants to know about what you but why you do it.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it,” ~ Simon Sinek.

This quote sums it up brilliantly and should give you pause. Why do you do what you do? Being in business means you provide a service and or products to your clients. Do they look for a title before they buy? Do they look at what you have achieved before they buy? No, they know what they want – your words, message, brand and experience have told them and they are sold.

The impact of your words can cause someone to sit up and take note. Not everyone will understand your reasoning, thoughts or motivation but those that do will be inspired, connect with you and follow you. You want a tribe of loyal and supportive people that buy, consume and engage with your content. That being said, if your audience consumes more video-orientated content a book will not serve them. The needs of your audience matter in the presentation of your content.

I also don’t think that anyone who writes a book that doesn’t become a best-seller is a lesser author than someone who has achieved that status. I believe that any time you share from your heart with the intent of impacting the lives of others – you are a winner already! You desire to serve and see a transformation in your clients and or audience.

A book can be a tool to help you serve and connect. The title of “Best-Seller” is an added bonus to the message in your book which inspires and motivates your reader.

In closing, I want to leave you with 3 questions to consider for your book:

  1. What impact will this book have?

  2. What goal do I want to achieve with this book?

  3. What do I want the reader to walk away with? 


  • Mandy Halgreen

    Book Writing Mentor for female entrepreneurs

    Mandy is an author and writer from Zimbabwe. She works with female entrepreneurs to write their book and share their story to create impact and income. She enjoys hiking, Zumba and chocolate-binge reading sessions.